2nd Edition

Handbook of Antioxidants

Edited By Lester Packer Copyright 2001
    736 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Contains new and expanded material on antioxidants in beverages and herbal products, nitric oxide and selenium, and the effect of vitamin C on cardiovascular disease and of lipoic acid on aging, hyperglycemia, and insulin resistance!

    Offering over 4200 contemporary references-2000 more than the previous edition-the Second Edition of the Handbook of Antioxidants is an up-to-the-minute source for nutritionists and dietitians, cell biologists and biochemists, cardiologists, oncologists, dermatologists, and medical students in these disciplines.

    General Topics

    Food-Derived Antioxidants: How to Evaluate Their Importance in Food and In Vivo
    Barry Halliwell
    Measurement of Total Antioxidant Capacity in Nutritional and Clinical Studies
    Guohua Cao and Ronald L. Prior
    Quantification of Isoprostanes as Indicators of Oxidant Stress In Vivo
    Jason D. Morrow, William E. Zackert, Daniel S. Van der Ende, Erin E. Reich, Erin S. Terry, Brian Cox, Stephanie C. Sanchez, Thomas J. Montine, and L. Jackson Roberts

    Vitamin E

    Efficacy of Vitamin E in Human Health and Disease
    Sharon V. Landvick, Anthony T. Diplock, and Lester Packer
    Vitamin E Bioavailability, Biokinetics, and Metabolism
    Maret G. Traber
    Biological Activity of Tocotrienols
    Stefan U. Weber and Gerald Rimbach

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C: From Molecular Mechanisms to Optimum Uptake
    Sebastian J. Padayatty, Rushad Daruwala, Yaohui Wang, Peter Eck, Jian Song, Woo S. Koh, and Mark Levine
    Vitamin C and Cardiovascular Diseases
    Anitra C. Carr and Balz Frei
    Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects of Ascorbate and Cancer
    James E. Enstrom


    Carotenoids: Linking Chemistry, Absorption, and Metabolism to Potential Roles in Human Health and Disease
    Denise M. Deming, Thomas W. M. Boileau, Kasey H. Heintz, Christine A. Atkinson, and John W. Erdman, Jr.
    Antioxidant Effects of Carotenoids: Implication in Photoprotection in Humans
    Wilhelm Stahl and Helmut Sies
    Oxidative Breakdown of Carotenoids and Biological Effects of Their Metabolites
    Werner G. Siems, Olaf Sommerburg, and Frederik J. G. M. van Kuijk
    Carotenoids in the Nutrition of Infants
    Olaf Sommerburg, Werner G. Siems, Kristina Meissner, and Michael Leichsenring
    Human Studies on Bioavailability and Serum Response of Carotenoids
    Elizabeth J. Johnson

    Polyphenols and Flavonoids

    Caffeic Acid and Related Antioxidant Compounds: Biochemical and Cellular Effects
    João Laranjinha
    Polyphenols and Flavonoids Protect LDL Against Atherogenic Modifications
    Bianca Fuhrman and Michael Aviram
    Phytoestrogen Content in Foods and Their Role in Cancer
    Anna H. Wu and Malcolm C. Pike
    Peroxynitrite Scavenging by Mitochondrial Reductants and Plant Polyphenols
    Alberto Boveris, Silvia Alvarez, Silvia Lores Arnaiz, and Laura B. Valdez

    Antioxidants in Beverages and Herbal Products

    Antioxidant and Other Properties of Green and Black Tea
    Philip J. Rijken, Douglas A. Balentine, C. A. J. van Mierlo, I. Paetau-Robinson, F. van de Put, Paul T. Quinlan, Ute M. Weisgerber, and Sheila A. Wiseman
    The Phenolic Wine Antioxidants
    Andrew L. Waterhouse
    French Maritime Pine Bark: Pycnogenol
    Gerald Rimbach, Fabio Virgili, and Lester Packer
    Spices as Potent Antioxidants with Therapeutic Potential
    Bharat B. Aggarwal, Nihal Ahmad, and Hasan Mukhtar

    Lipoic Acid and Glutathione

    Lipoic Acid: Cellular Metabolism, Antioxidant Activity, and Clinical Relevance
    Oren Tirosh, Sashwati Roy, and Lester Packer
    Cellular Effects of Lipoic Acid and Its Role in Aging
    Régis Moreau , Wei-Jian Zhang, and Tory M. Hagen
    Vascular Complications in Diabetes: Mechanisms and the Influence of Antioxidants
    Peter Rösen, Hans-Jurgen Tritschler, and Lester Packer
    Therapeutic Effects of Lipoic Acid on Hyperglycemia and Insulin Resistance
    Erik J. Henriksen
    Bioavailability of Glutathione
    Dean P. Jones


    Antioxidant Capacity of Melatonin
    Russel J. Reiter, Dun-xian Tan, Lucien C. Manchester, and Juan R. Calvo
    Radical and Reactive Intermediate-Scavenging Properties of Melatonin in Pure Chemical Systems
    Maria A. Livrea, Luisa Tesoriere, Dun-xian Tan, and Russel J. Reiter


    Selenium: An Antioxidant?
    Regina Brigelius-Flohé, Matilde Maiorino, Fulvio Ursini, and Leopold Flohé
    Selenium Status and Prevention of Chronic Diseases
    Paul Kneckt

    Nitric Oxide

    Antioxidant Properties of Nitric Oxide
    Homero Rubbo and Rafael Radi


    Lester Packer

    …presents the most recent research on the biochemical, physiological, and clinical aspects of antioxidant molecules….an in-depth account of the current knowledge.
    "-Food Trade Review