2nd Edition

Handbook of Aviation Human Factors

Edited By John A. Wise, V. David Hopkin, Daniel J. Garland Copyright 2009
    704 Pages 80 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    A complete examination of issues and concepts relating to human factors in simulation, this book covers theory and application in space, ships, submarines, naval aviation, and commercial aviation. The authors examine issues of simulation and their effect on the validity and functionality of simulators as a training device. The chapters contain in depth discussions of these particular characteristics and issues. They also incorporate theories pertaining to the motivational aspects of training, simulation of social events, and PC based simulation.


    A Historical Overview of Human Factors in Aviation, J.M. Koonce and A. Debons

    Aviation Research and Development: A Framework for the Eff ective Practice of Human Factors, or “What Your Mentor Never Told You about a Career in Human Factors…” J.E. Deaton and J.G. Morrison

    Measurement in Aviation Systems, D. Meister and V. Gawron

    Underpinnings of System Evaluation, M.A. Wise, D.W. Abbott, J.A. Wise, and S.A. Wise

    Organizational Factors Associated with Safety and Mission Success in Aviation Environments, R. Westrum and A.J. Adamski

    Human Capabilities and Performance

    Engineering Safe Aviation Systems: Balancing Resilience and Stability, B. Johansson and J. Lundberg

    Processes Underlying Human Performance, L. Bainbridge

    Automation in Aviation Systems: Issues and Considerations, M. Mouloua, P. Hancock, L. Jones, and D. Vincenzi

    Team Process, K.A. Wilson, J.W. Guthrie, E. Salas, and W.R. Howse

    Crew Resource Management, D.E. Maurino and P.S. Murray

    Fatigue and Biological Rhythms, G. Costa

    Situation Awareness in Aviation Systems, M.R. Endsley


    Personnel Selection and Training, D.L. Pohlman and J.D. Fletcher

    Pilot Performance, L. Hitchcock, S. Bourgeois-Bougrine, and P. Cabon

    Controls, Displays, and Crew Station Design, K. Liggett

    Flight Deck Aesthetics and Pilot Performance: New Uncharted Seas, A.J. Gannon

    Helicopters, B.E. Hamilton

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, N.J. Cooke and H.K. Pedersen

    Air Traffic Control

    Flight Simulation, W.F. Moroney and B.W. Moroney

    Air Traffic Control, M.S. Nolan

    Air-Traffic Controller Memory, E.S. Stein, D.J. Garland, and J.K. Muller

    Air-Traffic Control Automation, V.D. Hopkin

    Aviation Operations and Design

    Air Traffic Control/Flight Deck Integration, K. Kerns

    Intelligent Interfaces, J.M. Hammer

    Weather Information Presentation, T.A. Lindholm

    Aviation Maintenance, C.G. Drury

    Civil Aviation Security, G.D. Gibb and R.J. Lofaro

    Incident and Accident Investigation, S. Baker

    Forensic Aviation Human Factors: Accident/Incident Analyses for Legal Proceedings, R.D. Gilson and E.L. Facci



    John A. Wise, V.David Hopkin, Daniel J. Garland