1st Edition

Handbook of Data on Common Organic Compounds

By David R. Lide, G.W.A. Milne Copyright 1995
    2796 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The Handbook of Data on Common Organic Compounds provides physical property data, spectral data, and chemical structures for approximately 12,000 common organic compounds. These compounds encompass the most commonly used both in industry and laboratories, as well as those found on various lists of regulatory concern. A clear, easy-to-read format and three indexes- CAS Registry Number, Molecular Formula, and Name/Synonym-enhance the Handbook's usability and help make it a bestselling resource relied upon by researchers, chemists, and students around the world.

    General Identifiers
    CAS Registry Number
    Beilstein Registry Number
    Beilstein Reference Number
    Merck Number
    Line Formula
    Molecular Formula
    Molecular Weight
    Physical Properties
    Melting Point
    Boiling Point
    Vapor Pressure
    Refractive Index
    Specific Rotation
    Spectral Data (References and Major Peaks)
    Mass Spectra
    Infrared Spectra
    Ultraviolet Spectra
    Raman Spectra
    1H NMR
    13C NMR
    Threshold Limit Value


    David R. Lide; G.W.A. Milne