1st Edition

Handbook of Globalization and the Environment

Edited By Khi V. Thai, Dianne Rahm, Jerrell D. Coggburn Copyright 2007
    616 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Proponents of globalization argue that it protects the global environment from degradation and promotes worldwide sustainable economic growth while opponents argue the exact opposite. Examining the local, national, and international impacts of globalization, the Handbook of Globalization and the Environment explores strategies and solutions that support healthy economic growth, protect the environment, and create a more equitable world.

    The book sets the stage with coverage of global environmental issues and policies. It explores international sustainable development, the evolution of global warming policy, transborder air pollution, desertification, space and the global environment, and human right to water. Building on this foundation, the editors discuss global environmental organizations and institutions with coverage of the UN's role in globalization, the trade-environment nexus, the emergence of NGOs, and an analysis of the state of global environmental knowledge and awareness from an international and comparative perspective.

    Emphasizing the effects of increasingly integrated global economy on the environment and society, the book examines environmental management and accountability. It addresses green procurement, provides an overview of U.S. environmental regulation and the current range of voluntary and mandatory pollution prevention mechanisms in use, explores a two-pronged approach to establishing a sustainable procurement model, and examines a collaborative community-based approach to environmental regulatory compliance. The book concludes with an analysis of controversial issues, such as eco-terrorism, North-South disputes, environmental justice, the promotion of economic growth through globalization in less developed countries, and the ability of scientists to communicate ideas so that policy makers can use science in decision making.

    Globalization and the Environment: An Introduction, K.V. Thai, D. Rahm, and J.D. Coggburn

    Sustainable Development in an International Perspective , R. Prizzia
    The Role of the Bureaucracy in European Global Warming Policy D.H. Davis
    Transborder Air Pollution, Z.A. Smith and K.D. Taylor
    Desertification, S. Bauer
    The Environmental Frontier of Space, W.H. Lambright and A.Y. Ni
    Human Rights to Water, Z.A. Smith and K.L. Ross

    Global Environmental Governance, F. Biermann
    The Role of the United Nations: From Stockholm to Johannesburg, L. Nelson
    The World Trade Organization: Free Trade and Its Environmental Impacts, F. Zelli
    United Nations Conferences and the Legitimization of Environmental NGOs, K. Farmbry and A. Manorahan
    Global Academia: The State of Environmental Learning and Awareness, B.S. Steel and R.L. Warner

    Government Green Procurement in the U.S.: An Approach to Meeting Global Environmental Challenges, J.D. Coggburn and D. Rahm
    Environmental Management, L.E. Pasquale
    Sustainable Waterfront Development in the Great Lakes Basin, W.A. Kellogg and E. Matheny
    Getting Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Sustainability at the Same Time: What Matters, What Doesn't? E. Weber, M. Khalmirzaeva, M. Stephan, T. Lysak, and I. Esanov
    Sustainability Issues in Public Procurement, B. Pangrle
    Managing Nuclear Waste, C. Horiuchi
    Inter-Agency Collaborative Approaches to Endangered Species Act Compliance and Salmon Recovery in the Pacific Northwest, N.P. Lovrich, M.J. Gaffney, E.P. Weber, R.M. Bireley, D.R. Matthews, and B. Bjork

    Eco-Terrorism: A Natural Reaction to Violence? M.J. Mortimer
    Globalization, Environmental Challenges and North-South Issues, J. Gupta
    Environmental Justice: A Global Perspective, C. Murphy-Greene
    Globalization and Growth of Developing Countries, D. Tran
    Complexity and the Science-Policy Interface, K.K. Beratan
    Multi-Party Environmental Negotiations: The Democratizing Nations of Mexico and Ecuador, J.E. Horan and D.L. Lybecker


    Khi V. Thai (Florida Atlantic University, School of Public Administration, Boca Raton, USA) (Edited by) ,  Dianne Rahm (University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA) (Edited by) ,  Jerrell D. Coggburn (North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA) (Edited by)