2nd Edition

Handbook of Media Management and Economics

Edited By Alan Albarran, Bozena Mierzejewska, Jaemin Jung Copyright 2018
    496 Pages
    by Routledge

    496 Pages
    by Routledge

    Winner of the 2019 Robert Picard Book Award

    The Handbook of Media Management and Economics has become a required reference for students, professors, policy makers and industry practitioners. The volume was developed around two primary objectives: assessing the state of knowledge for the key topics in the media management and economics fields; and establishing the research agenda in these areas, ultimately pushing the field in new directions.

    The Handbook's chapters are organized into parts addressing the theoretical components, key issues, analytical tools, and future directions for research. With its unparalleled breadth of content from expert authors, the Handbook provides background knowledge of the various theoretical dimensions and historical paradigms, and establishes the direction for the next phases of research in this evolving arena of study. Updates include the rise of mobile and social media, globalization, audience fragmentation and big data.

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    1 Media Management and Economics Research: A Historical Review

    Alan B. Albarran

    2 Evolving Research and Theories in Media Management Research

    Bozena Mierzejewska

    3 Evolving Research and Theories in Media Economics Research

    Brendan M. Cunningham

    4 Media Management and Economics Research in Europe

    Juan Pablo Artero & Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero

    5 Media Management and Economics Research in Asia

    Jaemin Jung & Youngju Kim

    6 Media Management and Economics Research in Latin America

    Maria Elena Gutiérrez-Rentería


    7 Human Resource Management in the Media

    Joyce Costello & John Oliver

    8 Strategic Management

    Nabyla Daidj

    9 Financial Management

    Ronald J. Rizzuto, Michael O. Wirth & Tracy Xu

    10 Advertising in Media Management and Economics

    Louisa Ha

    11 Marketing and Branding

    Juliane A. Lischka, Gabriele Siegert & Isabelle Krebs

    12 Media Policy

    Krishna Jayakar

    13 Mergers and Acquisitions and their Performance

    Hans van Kranenburg & Gerritt Ziggers

    14 Content/Program Distribution

    Douglas Ferguson


    15 Media Innovation

    Richard Gershon

    16 Media Entrepreneurship

    Min Hang

    17 Social Media: State of the Art and Research Agenda

    Andreas Kaplan & Grzegorz Mazurek

    18 Mobile Media

    Sangwon Lee

    19 Multiplatform: A Distribution Perspective

    Xiaoqun Zhang & Alan B. Albarran

    20 Multiplatform: A Consumption Perspective

    Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted & Min Xiao

    21 Media Globalization

    Xiaoqun Zhang

    22 Changes in Journalism in the Digital Age: The Evolution of News

    Angela Powers & Jinyang Zhao


    23 Methodological Approaches in Media Management and Economics

    Michel Dupagne

    24 Audience Measurement and Analysis

    Su Jung Kim

    25 The Transformation of Advertising Agencies in a Digital World

    Jürg Kaufmann Argueta & Francisco J. Pérez-Latre

    26 Big Data and Media Management

    Philip M. Napoli & Axel Roepnack


    27 Media Management Research in the 21st Century

    Ulrike Rohn

    28 Future directions for Media Economics Research

    Brendan M. Cunningham


    The Editors


    Alan B. Albarran is a Professor of Media Arts at The University of North Texas in Denton, TX. Dr. Albarran has extensive experience as an editor and author and is widely recognized as an international scholar in the area of media management and economics. He is a former editor of both the Journal of Media Economics and the International Journal on Media Management.

    Bozena I. Mierzejewska is an Assistant Professor at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University in New York, USA. A native of Poland, Dr. Mierzejewska is the editor of The International Journal on Media Management and serves as an editorial board member at several academic journals. She has authored numerous papers and book chapters on topics related to media management and economics, publishing, and social media.

    Jaemin Jung is a Professor and Chair in the Graduate School of Information and Media Management at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Seoul, South Korea. A native of South Korea, Dr. Jung is a prolific scholar on topics related to media management and economics, telecommunications, and social media. He serves on several editorial boards for scholarly journals in the field.

     "This comprehensive Handbook of Media Economics and Management led by the inestimable guru Alan Alabarran and colleagues Bozena Mierzejewska and Jaemin Jung, brings together focused studies by the media management field’s most established and emerging scholars. It has both breadth and depth treating the most important topics drawing on theory and practice. Established as the Bible of the field from its first appearance forward, this new edition is an essential text and reference work of lasting value."

    Everette E. Dennis, Dean and CEO, Northwestern University in Qatar, Qatar

    "The Handbook of Media Management is a fundamental source used by scholars worldwide. The new edition solidifies and expands the publication’s contributions, revealing the maturation and fullness of the field and the global contributions that have brought management approaches to the forefront in explaining media business behaviour and choices."

    Robert G. Picard, University of Oxford, UK

    "Look no further! This is the truly global go-to-guide into the unpredictable world of managing media."

    Mark Deuze, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands