1st Edition

Handbook of Mouse Mutations with Skin and Hair Abnormalities Animal Models and Biomedical Tools

By John P. Sundberg Copyright 1994

    Handbook of Mouse Mutations with Skin and Hair Abnormalities presents 48 mouse mutations that are all available to the biomedical community. Many of the mouse mutations with dermatological diseases are reviewed and illustrated in detail. This popular reference book gives you a single source to use when determining which mouse mutation will best serve your needs as a biomedical tool for sophisticated research projects.

    The book also includes an overview of domestic animal genodermatoses to provide alternatives to mouse models that do not exist or to complement those that do. A detailed section written by renowned experts compares the biology of human and mouse skin and skin diseases in the areas of development and the use of animal models, mammalian genetics, keratin biochemistry, epidermal and hair follicle cycles and kinetics, cytokines and growth factors, keratinocyte culture systems, cutaneous carcinogenesis, cutaneous immune system, and skin changes associated with mutations of the endocrine system.

    Biology of Skin and Hair of Laboratory Mice and Human Beings: Introduction. Applications and Needs of Models for Dermatological Research (L.A. Goldsmith). Inbred Laboratory Mice as Animal Models and Biomedical Tools: General Concepts (J.P. Sundberg). The Jackson Laboratory Mouse Mutant Resource (M.T. Davisson). Hair Follicle Stem Cells (R.M. Lavker, T.-T. Sun, and J.P. Sundberg). The Mouse Skin as a Model for Chemical Carcinogenesis (C.J. Conti). Viral-Induced Skin Tumors in Mice (J.P. Sundberg, H. Bedigian, and R. Bronson). Hair Types and Subtypes in the Laboratory Mouse (J.P. Sundberg and M.E. Hogan). Growth Factors and Cutaneous Pathology (L.E. King, Jr., L.B. Nanney, and R.E. Gates). Transgenic Mice with Cytokine Mutations Affecting the Skin (M. Blessing, E. Wilkinson, and B.L.M. Hogan). Epidermal Keratins (J.A. Rothnagel and D.R. Roop). Hair Follicle Keratins (G.E. Rogers and B.C. Powell). Keratinocyte Cultures as Models for Dermatologic Disease (M.R. Pittelkow). Mouse Mutations with Endocrine Functional Consequences (W.G. Beamer). The Immune System in Cutaneous Disease: The Search for a Mouse Model of the Immunopathology of Psoriasis (S.F. Grammer and J.W. Streilein). Animal Models of Genetic Based Skin Diseases: Mouse Single Gene Mutations: Introduction. The Adrenocortical Dysplasia (acd) Mutation, Chromosome 8 (J.P. Sundberg, S.J. Orlow, H.O. Sweet, and W.G. Beamer). The Angora (go) Mutation, Chromosome 5 (J.P. Sundberg). The Asebia (ab, abJ) Mutations, Chromosome 19 (J.P. Sundberg). The Atrichosis (at) Mutation, Chromosome 10 (J.P. Sundberg). The Balding (bal) Mutation, Chromosome 18 (J.P. Sundberg). The Bare-Patches (Bpa) Mutation, Chromosome X (J.P. Sundberg). The Bareskin (Bsk) Mutation, Chromosome 11 (J.P. Sundberg). The Beige (bg) Mutation, Chromosome 13 (J.P. Sundberg). The Caracul (Ca and Cad) Mutations, Chromosome 15 (J.P. Sundberg and H.O. Sweet). The Chronic Proliferative Dermatitis (cpd) Mutation, Chromosome ? (H. HogenEsch, M.J.J. Gigels, and C. Zurcher). The Crinkled (cr) Mutation, Chromosome 13 (J.P. Sundberg). The Curly-Whiskers (cw) Mutation, Chromosome 9 (J.P. Sundberg). The Depilated (dep) Mutation, Chromosome 4 (J.P. Sundberg and S.J. Orlow). The Downless (dl) and Sleek (Dlslk) Mutations, Chromosome 10 (J.P. Sundberg). The Ferrochelatase Deficiency (Fechm1Pas) Mutation, Chromosome 18 (X. Montagutelli). The Flaky Skin (fsn) Mutation, Chromosome ? (J.P. Sundberg, D. Boggess, L.D. Shultz, and W.G. Beamer). The Flaky Tail (ft) Mutation, Chromosome 3 (J.P. Sundberg). The Frizzy (fr) Mutation, Chromosome 7 (J.P. Sundberg). The Fuzzy Mutation (fz), Chromosome 1 (J.P. Sundberg). The Greasy (Gs) Mutation, Chromosome X (J.P. Sundberg). The Hair Interior Defect (hid) Mutation, Chromosome ? (J.P. Sundberg). The Hairless (hr) and Rhino (hrrh) Mutations, Chromosome 14 (J.P. Sundberg). The Hair Patches (Hpt) Mutation, Chromosome 4 (J.P. Sundberg). The Hairy Ears (Eh) Mutation, Chromosome 15 (J.P. Sundberg and S.J. Orlow). The Harlequin (Hq) Mutation, Chromosome X (J.P. Sundberg). The Ichthyosis (ic) Mutation, Chromosome 1 (J.P. Sundberg and M.R. Pittelkow). The Lethal Milk (lm) Mutation, Chromosome 2 (J.P. Sundberg and H.O. Sweet). The Lustrous (lt) Mutation, Chromosome 11 (J.P. Sundberg). The Matted (ma) Mutation, Chromosome 3 (J.P. Sundberg). The Motheaten (me) and Viable Motheaten (mev) Mutations, Chromosome 6 (L.D. Shultz and J.P. Sundberg). The Mottled Locus: Mottled (Mo), Blotchy (Moblo), Brindled (Mobr), Dappled (Modp), Mosaic (Moms), Tortoiseshell (Moto), and Viable Brindled (Movbr) Mutations, Chromosome X (J.P. Sundberg). The Naked (N) Mutation, Chromosome 15 (J.P. Sundberg). The Nude (nu) and Streaker (nustr) Mutations, Chromosome 11 (J.P. Sundberg). The Ragged (Ra) and Opossum (Raop) Mutations, Chromosome 2 (J.P. Sundberg). The Repeated Epilation (Er) Mutation, Chromosome 4 (J.-L. Guenet, J. Salaun, and B. Salzgeber). The Rex (Re), Wavy Coat (Rewc), and Denuded (Reden) Mutations, Chromosome 11 (J.P. Sundberg). The Satin (sa) Mutation, Chromosome 13 (J.P. Sundberg). The Scurfy (sf) Mutation, Chromosome X (V.L. Godfrey). The Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (scid) Mutation, Chromosome 16 (J.P. Sundberg and L.D. Shultz). The Shaven (Sha) Mutation, Chromosome 15 (J.P. Sundberg). The Silver (si) Mutation, Chromosome 10 (S.J. Orlow and J.P. Sundberg). The Soft Coat (soc) Mutation, Chromosome 3 (J.P. Sundberg). The Sparse-Coat (spc) Mutation, Chromosome 14 (J.P. Sundberg). The Sparse-Fur (Otcspf) and Abnormal Skin and Hair (Otcash) Mutations, Chromosome X (J.P. Sundberg and D.P. Doolittle). The Tabby (Ta), Tabby-c (Tac), and Tabby-J (TaJ) Mutations, Chromosome X (J.P. Sundberg). The Tight-Skin (Tsk) Mutation, Chromosome 2 (J.P. Sundberg). The Vitiligo (mivit ) Mutant Allele of the Microphthalmia Locus, Chromosome 6 (M.L. Lamoreux and S.J. Orlow). The Wellhaarig (we, weBkr) Mutations, Chromosome 2 (J.P. Sundberg). Purported Polygenic Mouse Skin Diseases: Introduction. Chronic Ulcerative Dermatitis in Black Mice (J.P. Sundberg, K.S. Brown, and W.M. McMahon). Barbering Behavioral Abnormalities in Inbred Laboratory Mice (W.M. McMahon and J.P. Sundberg). Alopecia Areata in Aging C3H/HeJ Mice (J.P. Sundberg, C.M. Vallee, and L.E. King, Jr.) Nonmurine Animal Models of Genetic Based Skin Diseases: Introduction. Selected Heritable Skin Diseases of Domesticated Animals (R.W. Dunstan and R.A. Kennis).


    John P. Sundberg, D.V.M., Ph.D., is Head of the Pathology program at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. Dr. Sundberg graduated in 1973 from the University of Vermont with a B.S. degree in Animal Science (summa cum laude) and obtained his D.V.M. degree in 1977 from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, West Lafayette, Indiana. Following a brief period in private practice. Dr. Sundberg earned a Ph.D. degree in comparative pathology in 1981 from The University of Connecticut in Storrs. Dr. Sundberg served as an assistant professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine from 1981 to 1986. In 1986 he assumed his present position. Dr. Sundberg is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, Society for Investigative Dermatology, Hair Research Society, New England Veterinary Pathology Colloquy, and the Maine Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Sundberg has been the recipient of research grants from the National Institutes of Health, American Cancer Society, National Alopecia Areata Foundation, and private industry. He has published over 125 research and clinical papers, 50 technical bulletins, and 15 book chapters. His current major research interests relate to mouse mutations as models of human and animal diseases, the comparative pathology and molecular evolution of nonhuman papillomaviruses, and spontaneous diseases of inbred laboratory mice.