1st Edition

Handbook of Sustainable Materials: Modelling, Characterization, and Optimization

    506 Pages 206 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Handbook of Sustainable Materials presents recent developments in sustainable materials and how these materials interact with the environment. It highlights the recent advancements involved in proper utilization of sustainable materials, including chemical and biological approaches. With chapters written by global experts, the book offers a guide and insights into sustainable materials from a variety of engineering disciplines. Each chapter provides in-depth technical information on the sustainable materials theory and explores synthesis strategies, green materials, and artificial intelligence. The book considers applications in sectors such as aerospace, automobile, and biomedical for rapid prototyping and customized production without negative environmental impacts. It features research outcomes and case studies of optimization and modeling techniques in practice.


    • Presents recent developments in sustainable materials from various engineering fields and industry applications.
    • Emphasizes analytical strategies, computational, and simulation approaches develop innovative sustainable materials.
    • Discusses an artificial intelligence approach, rapid prototyping, and customized production.

    This book is designed for researchers and professionals working with sustainable materials, clean manufacturing, and environmental impacts.

    1. Strategic Evaluation and Selection for Energy Effective Natural Fibers as Alternative Sustainable Insulation Materials for Green Building Envelope
    Figen Balo and Lutfu S.Sua

    2. Sustainable biodegradable and bio-based Polymers
    Bhargav Patel, Bhagwan Toksha and Prashant Gupta

    3. Processing of recycled and bio-based plastics
    Yash Rushiya, Bhagwan Toksha and Prashant Gupta

    4. Terpene-Based Polymers as Sustainable Materials
    Eksha Guliani and Christine Jeyaseelan

    5. Sustainable Biodegradable and Bio based Materials
    Mridul Umesh, Suma Sarojini, Thazeem Basheer, Sreehari Suresh, Adhithya Sankar Santhosh, Liya Merin Stanly, Sneha Grigary, and Nilina James

    6. Sustainability of Materials: Concepts, History and Future
    Rajat Dhawan, Hitendra K. Malik and Amit Kumar

    7. Experimental Investigation on Durability Properties of Concrete Incorporated with Fly Ash
    Dr. V. G. Meshram, Dr. A. M. Pande, Dr. B. P. Nandurkar

    8. Investigation of Electrode Materials Used in Electrocoagulation Process for Wastewater Treatment
    Mukul Bajpai, Surjit Singh Katoch, Akhilesh Nautiyal, Rahul Shakya and Samriddhi Sharma

    9. Enhancing mechanical properties of adobe by use of vernacular fibers of Agave Americana and Eulaliopsis Binata for sustainable traditional mud houses of Himachal Pradesh
    Vandna Sharma, Aniket Sharma

    10. Green synthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles and its recent electrochemical sensing applications: a study
    Satyajit Das and Partha Pratim Sahu

    11. Self-lubricating hybrid metal matrix composite towards sustainability
    Sweta Rani Biswal and Seshadev Sahoo

    12. E-Plastic waste a Sustainable Construction Material; An Indian Perspective
    Sweta Sinha and Ateeb Hamdan

    13. Green synthesis of sustainable materials: A stride towards a viable future
    Mandeep Kaur, Gagandeep Kaur and Divya Sareen

    14. Green Materials: Synthesis & Characterization
    Rajeev Kumar and Jyoti Chawla

    15. Waste Sewage Sludge Concrete as a Sustainable Building Construction Material -A Review
    Jagdeep Singh

    16. Applications of Sustainable Materials
    Rajat Dhawan, Hitendra K. Malik and Davoud Dorranian

    17. Heusler alloys: Sustainable material for sustainable magnetic refrigeration
    Chhayabrita Maji

    18. Chemical synthesis or Phytofabrication of metal/metal oxide nanoparticles
    Amulya Giridasappa, Ismail Shareef M, and Gopinath S M

    19. Antioxidant, bactericidal, antihemolytic and anticancer assessment activities of Al2O3, SnO2, and green synthesized Ag and CuO NPs
    Amulya Giridasappa, Ismail Shareef M, and Gopinath S M

    20. Sustainability of Wind Turbine Blade: Instantaneous Real Time Prediction of Its Failure using Machine Learning and Solution based on Materials and Design
    Lohit Malik, Gurtej Singh Saini, Mayand Malik and Abhishek Tevatia

    21. A Self-sustained Machine Learning Model to Predict the In-flight Mechanical Properties of a Rocket Nozzle by Inputting Material Properties and Environmental Conditions
    Lohit Malik, Gurtej Singh Saini, and Abhishek Tevatia

    22. Heat-Assisted Dieless Sheet Forming Techniques for Hard-to-Form Materials

    Nikhil Kadian, Rakesh Rathee, and Ajay Kumar


    Ajay, Parveen, Sharif Ahmad, Jyotsna Sharma, Victor Gambhir