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    The Handbook of Zeolite Science and Technology offers effective analyses ofsalient cases selected expressly for their relevance to current and prospective research.  Presenting the principal theoretical and experimental underpinnings of zeolites, this international effort is at once complete and forward-looking, combining fundamental concepts with the most sophisticated data for each scientific subtopic and budding technology. Supplying over 750 figures, and 350 display equations, this impressive achievement in zeolite science observes synthesis through the lens of MFI (ZSM-5 and silicalite). Chapters progress from conceptual building blocks to complex research presentations.

    Preface, Contributors, Part I Introduction, Part II Synthesis and Structure, Part III Characterization, Part IV Host-Guest Chemistry, Part V Applications, Krešimir Paveli? and Mirko Hadžija, Index


    Scott M. Auerbach, Kathleen A. Carrado, Prabir K. Dutta

    “… provides a comprehensive summary of the most important aspects of the field. The authors, all highly respected researchers and leaders in zeolite science, present 24 chapters covering important historical and recent discoveries. These will be of particular interest to chemists, physicists, , material scientists, chemical engineers and theoreticians. Each chapter includes extensive references, and the volume will be welcomed by both newcomers to the field and experienced researchers. … is an excellent summary of the fundamental properties of zeolites. … The text is supported by excellent figures, tables, and outstanding reference lists. As a result, novice and established researchers alike will find this comprehensive volume a great resource for years to come.”
    —Steven L. Suib, Department of Chemistry, University of Connecticut, in Science Mag, Vol. 302, November 2003
    “…[W]hat is truly needed at this time is both a review of the current stat of the field as well as a guide to where the field is headed. With this in mind, the editors have done a remarkable job. … I would recommend this book to any who work in the fields of zeolite science and technology. It provides an excellent review for graduate students and researchers just starting out in the field and at the same time provides the more established researcher with a fresh vision and introduction to several exciting new applications.”
    — Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2004