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Red Blood Cell Membranes Structure: Function: Clinical Implications

Red Blood Cell Membranes: Structure: Function: Clinical Implications

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Agre
March 24, 1989

This book is devoted to the red blood cell membrane, its structure and function, and abnormalities in disease states. It presents a well-documented and well-illustrated comprehensive picture of clinical manifestations of red blood cell disorders....

Hemostasis and Animal Venoms

Hemostasis and Animal Venoms

1st Edition

Edited By Hubert Pirkle
March 14, 1988

Plasma Fibronectin Structure and Functions

Plasma Fibronectin: Structure and Functions

1st Edition

By J. Mcdonagh
October 22, 1985

This volume deals with a multifunctional plasma and tissue protein, fibronectin, which participates in many significant biological and pathophysiological actions, presenting the information concerning structure and describing the interactions of fibronectin with fibrinogen and fibrin....

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