1st Edition

Hen Eggs Basic and Applied Science

    The egg is a chemical storehouse-within an incubating egg a complicated set of chemical reactions take place that convert the chemicals into a living animal. Using hen eggs as a model, this new text explores the use of eggs for food, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications. It covers the chemistry, biology, and function of lipids; carbohydrates; proteins; yolk antibody (IgY); and other materials of eggs. The novel merits of egg materials over others used in the same products are also discussed. These areas of egg technology have never been compiled before in one source.

    Structure of Hen Eggs and Physiology of Egg Laying, T. Okubo, S. Akachi, and H. Hatta
    General Chemical Composition of Hen Eggs, S. Sugino, T. Nitoda, and L.R. Juneja
    Nutritive Evaluation of Hen Eggs, M. Guiterrez, H. Takahashi, and L.R. Juneja
    Insights into the Structure-Function Relationships of Ovalbumin, Ovotransferrin, and Lysozyme, H.R. Ibrahim
    Egg Yolk Lipids, L.R. Juneja
    Glycochemistry of Hen Eggs, M. Koketshu
    Chemical and Physicochemical Properties of Hen Eggs and Their Application in Foods, H. Hatta, T. Hagi, and K. Hirano
    Enzymes in Unfertilized Hen Eggs, A. Seko, L.R. Juneja, and T. Yamamoto
    Cell Proliferation-Promoting Activities in Unfertilized Eggs, A. Seko and L.R. Juneja
    Egg Yolk Antibody, IgY and Its Application, H. Hatta, M. Ozeki, and K. Tsuda
    Microbiology of Eggs, M. Kobayashi, M.A. Gutierrez, and H. Hatta


    Yamamoto, Takehiko; Juneja, Lekh Raj; Hatta, Hajime; Kim, Mujo