1st Edition

History and Leadership The Nature and Role of the Past in Navigating the Future

By Mark E. Blincoe, John R. Shoup Copyright 2023
    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    Leaders and managers are rightly tasked to take their organizations and communities to a desired future. They are expected to be forward looking with compelling vision statements. As a result, they are often too busy in the present managing the future to be bothered with the past. Yet it is organizational histories that provide the contexts and clues for the future. History and Leadership: The Nature and Role of the Past in Navigating the Future demonstrates that intentional historical perspective-taking provides a sort-of wisdom for doing business in the present and future and equips leaders to leverage the past to help their organizations thrive.

    This book appeals to several audiences. It will serve as a supplementary text for undergraduate and graduate students in both the humanities and leadership studies. The book also appeals to practicing leaders and managers who wish to develop their emotional, cultural, and social intelligence by exploring perennial issues and lessons found in well-developed histories. This book also serves as a stand-alone read for a range of professionals who want a more recreational and non-traditional read on history and leadership. The book cultivates an appreciation for history and equips readers to be connoisseurs of history for the betterment of themselves and society.

    Chapter 1 – The Nature and Role of History in the Humanities and Leadership Studies
    Chapter 2 - The Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution
    Chapter 3 - A Brief History of Leadership and Organizational Studies
    Chapter 4 – History and Contemporary Lessons for Leaders
    Chapter 5 – Organizational Histories: Using the Past to Navigate the Future


    Mark E. Blincoe, PhD is Professor of History at California Baptist University and Leadership Fellow with the Dr. Paul & Annie Kienel Leadership Institute.

    John R. Shoup, PhD is Professor of Leadership Studies at California Baptist University and the Executive Director of the Dr. Paul & Annie Kienel Leadership Institute.

      "Continuing the work of James McGregor Burns’ seminal work on history and leadership is certainly overdue and a worthwhile undertaking. Blincoe and Shoup’s use of historical context underscores the critical nature of organizational leadership and culture. This work appeals to both the practitioner and student of leadership." - Paul M. McInerny, Marquette University, USA

      "In times of crisis, crucial decisions taken by leaders shape the course of history. What do leaders draw on? Here Blincoe and Shoup cogently argue the case that lessons from history provide a valuable context that both informs and underpins decision-making. Building on the pioneering study of leadership by James McGregor Burns, this concise work deftly connects the study (and understanding) of history with the principles and dynamics of leadership and management." Norman Abjorensen, The Australian National University, Australia