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Leadership Horizons

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The original and timeless research on leadership is situated in the classical works associated with the humanities. Great literature, art, theatre, philosophy, and music provide both existential and visceral insights to the drama of leadership beyond what traditional approaches to leadership studies have been able to furnish up to now. Returning the classics to the leadership genre equips leaders with a culturally informed language and narrative to develop the often ignored aesthetical aspects of leadership. This series connects lessons from various great works in art, literature, philosophy, theatre, and music to specific leadership research and contemporary leadership challenges.

Leadership Horizons is relevant to students and researchers across business and management, organizational and institutional studies, and the humanities.

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Literature and Leadership The Role of the Narrative in Organizational Sensemaking

Literature and Leadership: The Role of the Narrative in Organizational Sensemaking

1st Edition

By John R. Shoup, Troy W. Hinrichs
October 01, 2019

Great literature provides didactic commentaries on universal themes in the drama of life and visceral lessons on leadership. The careful reading of timeless novels position readers to emerge as astute protagonists in their own stories in the context of the grander narrative and internalize ...

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