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History of Crime in the UK and Ireland

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Crime in Scotland 1660-1960 The Violent North?

Crime in Scotland 1660-1960: The Violent North?

1st Edition

By Anne-Marie Kilday
March 31, 2021

Scotland has often been regarded throughout history as "the violent north", but how true is this statement? Does Scotland deserve to be defined thus, and upon what foundations is this definition based? This book examines the history of crime in Scotland, questioning the labelling of Scotland as ...

Land of White Gloves? A history of crime and punishment in Wales

Land of White Gloves?: A history of crime and punishment in Wales

1st Edition

By Richard Ireland
November 07, 2016

Land of White Gloves? is an important academic investigation into the history of crime and punishment in Wales. Beginning in the medieval period when the limitations of state authority fostered a law centred on kinship and compensation, the study explores the effects of the introduction of ...

Crime in England 1688-1815

Crime in England 1688-1815

1st Edition

By David J. Cox
June 08, 2015

Crime in England 1688-1815 covers the ‘long’ eighteenth century, a period which saw huge and far-reaching changes in criminal justice history. These changes included the introduction of transportation overseas as an alternative to the death penalty, the growth of the magistracy, the birth of ...

Crime in England 1815-1880 Experiencing the criminal justice system

Crime in England 1815-1880: Experiencing the criminal justice system

1st Edition

By Helen Johnston
February 24, 2015

Crime in England, 1815-1880 provides a unique insight into views on crime and criminality and the operation of the criminal justice system in England from the early to the late nineteenth century. This book examines the perceived problem and causes of crime, views about offenders and the ...

Crime in England 1880-1945 The rough and the criminal, the policed and the incarcerated

Crime in England 1880-1945: The rough and the criminal, the policed and the incarcerated

1st Edition

By Barry Godfrey
October 07, 2013

This book is an ambitious attempt to map the main changes in the criminal justice system in the Victorian period through to the twentieth century. Chapters include an examination of the growth and experience of imprisonment, policing, and probation services; the recording of crime in official ...

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