1st Edition

Hoshin Kanri for the Lean Enterprise Developing Competitive Capabilities and Managing Profit

By Thomas L. Jackson Copyright 2006
    224 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    224 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Winner of a Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award!

    At the heart of Lean and Six Sigma is the same, unique business operating system: hoshin kanri. It is a method of strategic planning and a tool for managing complex projects, a quality operating system geared to ensuring that organizations faithfully translate the voice of the customer into new products, and a business operating system that ensures reliable profit growth.

    The true power of hoshin kanri, however, is two-fold -- it is a superior organizational learning method as well as a competitive resource development system.

    Hoshin Kanri for the Lean Enterprise, by Tom Jackson, explains how you can implement, identify and manage the critical relationships among your markets, design characteristics, production systems, and personnel to satisfy your customers and beat your competition.

    This practical workbook provides—

    • A new understanding of hoshin kanri as a grand experimental design implemented through a system of team agreements.
    • Clear explanations of the steps of hoshin kanri.
    • A measure of overall business effectiveness used to determine the focus of corporate strategy.
    • A new, improved X-matrix that incorporates a lean "balanced scorecard" for identifying improvement opportunities and converting them readily into bottom line results as a value stream P&L in terms that financial managers and accountants can understand and support.
    • Downloadable resources containing forms, meeting agendas, and examples of X-matrices that serve marketing and design engineering as well as manufacturing.

    This workbook will show you the mechanics of implementing hoshin kanri, so that you can systematically improve your brand equity, implement Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, and integrate your suppliers into a Lean and Six Sigma organization.

    Introduction: A Resource-Based Approach to Strategy
    Chapter 1: Hoshin Kanri Basics-Nested Experiments, X-Matrix, and Chartering Teams
    Chapter 2: Scan: Checking Market Conditions of Supply and Demand
    Chapter 3: PLAN: Design a Midterm Strategy
    Chapter 4: PLAN: Design the Annual Hoshin
    Chapter 5: PLAN: Align the Organization through Catchball
    Chapter 6: DO: Engage the Workforce to Execute the Strategy
    Chapter 7: CHECK: Create a Lean-Thinking Environment
    Chapter 8: CHECK: The President's Diagnosis
    Chapter 9: ACT: Institutionalizing Hoshin Kanri through Standardized Work, Kaizen, and Leadership Development
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    Thomas L. Jackson

    "Transforming a company into a truly lean enterprise is both a very noble goal and daunting task. Creating Lean Culture only happens through changing the behaviors on an on-going basis. Hoshin kanri provides not only the overall strategy for completing the transformation, but importantly to those who have not operated in a lean environment, it provides the step-by-step tactics and tools to be used to accomplish the lean journey. I encourage the readers to determine how best to apply the concepts and tactics to their company and in doing so improve both their profits and also their long term competitive advantages."
    --Richard Christman, CEO, The GSI Group, Inc.-Headquarters, July 2006

    "Tom Jackson's practical and valuable insights are rivaled only by the importance and benefits of applying Hoshin Kanri."
    Jamie Flinchbaugh, Co-Author, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean July 2006