Hospitality Management Education  book cover
1st Edition

Hospitality Management Education

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ISBN 9780789004413
Published March 2, 1999 by Routledge
302 Pages

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Book Description

Help students succeed now and in the future in any aspect of the hospitality field!

Hospitality Management Education focuses on the academic aspect of hospitality--the mechanisms of hospitality education programs, their missions, their constituents, and the outcomes of their efforts. This book examines why people study hospitality management, the vast opportunities the field offers, and ways to best prepare students for a career in the industry or in academia.

Within Hospitality Management Education, you'll find exhibits, figures, tables, and insight into innovative practice methods that will strengthen your skills as an educator and contributor to the growing success of this discipline.

Containing research and first-hand accounts, Hospitality Management Education offers you insight into qualities and strategies that make educators or employees effective and successful in the industry. You'll find useful information to help you better prepare students and enhance your teaching skills, such as:

  • understanding the history and advances of hospitality management education during the past 75 years
  • stressing the difference between the hospitality industry and other industries to help prospective hospitality students understand the unique rigors of hospitality
  • examining degree programs in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States to identify common global teaching trends, differences, and program outcomes
  • enhancing student learning and education programs by linking academic hospitality programs to industry through internships, involvement with industry associations, and advisory councils
  • assuring quality in academic programs through accreditation, certification, outside peer reviews, outside reviews by the industry, and administrative reviews of the faculty
  • preparing for a professional academic career through strategic career planning, networking, and targeting hospitality programs
Hospitality Management Education discusses educational trends as a whole over the past decade to give you insight into future directions of hospitality such as increased specialization, growing numbers of faculty, more funding, and increased academic focus on research and scholarship. In this valuable volume, you'll find methods and suggestions that will make you a more knowledgeable and effective educator!

Table of Contents


  • About the Editors
  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Hospitality Education
  • Introduction
  • Size and Scope of the Discipline
  • Hospitality Management as a Field of Study
  • History of Hospitality Education
  • Hospitality Management Programs
  • The Philosophy of Hospitality Education
  • Statement of Mission
  • Hospitality Education During Changing Times
  • Overview of the Text
  • Chapter 2. Hospitality as an Occupation
  • What Makes Hospitality Different?
  • Opportunities for Graduates
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 3. Linking Hospitality Management Programs to Industry
  • Introduction
  • Experiential Learning
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Industry/Academic Cooperation: The Use of Advisory Councils
  • One Model of Cooperation--The Advisory Council
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 4. Quality and Its Assurance in Hospitality Education
  • Introduction
  • Issues of Quality in Higher Education
  • External Means and Methods of Assuring Quality
  • Internal Means and Methods of Assuring Quality
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 5. Professional Preparation
  • Strategic Career Planning
  • Educational Preparation
  • The Job Search
  • The First Five Years
  • Chapter 6. The Academic Life of Hospitality Educators
  • Introduction
  • The Tenure System
  • The Role of Teaching
  • The Research Paradigm
  • Service: The Third Wheel of Academia
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 7. Curriculum and Instruction
  • Introduction--What Makes a Good Teacher
  • Developing a Philosophy of Teaching
  • Student Learning Styles
  • Teaching Strategies
  • The Role of Evaluation and Assessment
  • The Teaching Portfolio and Career Progression
  • Chapter 8. Hospitality Research and Scholarship
  • Introduction
  • Applied versus Pure Research
  • Qualitative versus Quantitative Research
  • The Hospitality Research Process
  • Funded Research
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 9. The Service Responsibility of Hospitality Educators
  • Introduction
  • Service Defined
  • Internal Service
  • External Service
  • Summary
  • Chapter 10. International Perspectives: A Comparison of U.S., U.K., and Australian Hospitality Education and Their University Systems
  • Introduction
  • Understanding the U.S. System
  • Understanding the U.K. System
  • Understanding the Australian System
  • Comparison of Programs
  • The Future
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 11. Graduate Programs in Hospitality Management Education
  • Overview of Graduate Education
  • Graduate Education in Hospitality Management
  • The Master's Degree
  • The Doctoral Degree
  • The Challenge of Graduate Education
  • Chapter 12. The Current State of Hospitality Education
  • Institutional Trends in Higher Education
  • Trends in Hospitality Management Education
  • Conclusion
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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