1st Edition

Hospitality in Asia A New Paradigm

By Kaye Chon Copyright 2019
    100 Pages 36 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    100 Pages 36 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In a rapidly advancing era, a fresh look at the concept of hospitality from socio-cultural perspectives is needed. This book proposes that a new paradigm in hospitality has been developed in Asia due to its unique culture, social values and traditions.

    Based on Kaye Chon’s extensive field research and experience teaching in hospitality over three decades, this book provides a historical review of the hospitality industry. In order to continue the sustained growth of the hospitality industry and improve quality, it is vital for the industry to create new business models. A flexible approach should be adopted, using new, and different, ways to enhance business instead of traditional methods which may now be outdated. It is vital that new business models embrace innovation and, at the present time, this means finding ways to implement new technology. The eight chapters in the book are richly detailed with case studies and insights from the author's own experiences, providing cutting-edge perspectives on understanding a new paradigm of hospitality embraced in Asia.

    Written in an accessible style, this book will be valuable reading to students and practitioners who wish to further understand the rapidly developing hospitality and tourism industries in Asia. It will be a useful resource for those studying hospitality, tourism development, leisure studies, business studies management and the service industries.

    Preface 1. On the Asian Paradigm 2. On Hospitality 3. On Confucianism  4. On Leadership and Management 5. On Innovation 6. On Fostering Organisation Culture 7. On Marketing 8. On Passion and Drive 9. Final Thoughts


    Kaye Chon is the Dean, Chair Professor and Walter Kwok Foundation Professor in International Hospitality Management in the School of Hotel & Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

    "In this book Hospitality in Asia: A New Paradigm, Kaye Chon takes a fresh new look at the fast developing hospitality industry through the framework of Asia’s unique hospitality culture and entrepreneurial approaches. The book will prove useful not only for anyone studying hospitality, but also for hospitality managers who may wish to better understand the rapidly developing industry in Asia." —  Chanin Donavanik, Chairman of the Executive Board, Dusit International

    "The book provides a fresh new perspective on the development of the hospitality industry in Asia from cultural, economic, and social dimensions. It is a welcome addition to the literature in hospitality studies and will be an excellent text for students and managers who want to develop a deeper understanding of the new 'Asian waves' in the development of the hospitality industry." — Billy Bai, Professor and Associate Dean, William F Harrah College of Hospitality, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    "The hospitality industry has gone through different stages of development with unique 'paradigms' in each stage. The rapid development of the hospitality industry in Asia has resulted in the new 'Asian paradigm' which is very well articulated in this book. This book can be an important resource for managers and students who want to develop a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry in Asia." —  Arthur Wang, Managing Director of Inno Hospitality

    "The center of gravity for the world’s hotel industry has shifted to Asia with rapid development of the industry. Kaye Chon has written an easy-to-read book based on his extensive experience and research on Asia’s hospitality industry. This book will be an excellent reading to those who want to understand more about the fast developing hotel industry in Asia, especially from the perspective of social and economic changes taking place in Asia." —  John Bowen, Professor and Former Dean, Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management, University of Houston