1st Edition

How to Become a Successful College Student The Tools, Habits, and Skills Needed to Foster College Readiness

By Scotty Dunlap, Brian Dudak Copyright 2024
    202 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    This book is your one-stop shop for the academic tools and habits needed to make your transition from high school to college a resounding success!

    The shift from high school to college can be a challenge, with many students finding the skills that had previously worked so well no longer seem to be enough. How to Become a Successful College Student outlines the strategies you need to “level up” your current processes in order to foster learning and retention of information in a new and rigorous environment, while also addressing topics that affect your experience outside of the classroom, such as financial literacy and career preparation. Learn how to pick a major, the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone, how and when to ask for help, and much more. Each chapter ends with a reflective activity designed to assist in creating an overall strategy personalized to fit YOUR specific higher education and career needs.

    This guide is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to maximize their higher education experience.

    Introduction  1. You Can Do It  2. Master the Fundamentals  3. Financial Literacy 101  4. Select a Major that Works for You  5. Reconsider Your High School Tactics  6. College Professors are Not Like Your K-12 Teachers  7. Show up for Class  8. Get Organized  9. Pay Attention and Take Notes  10. Do What is Required of You  11. Build Productive Study Habits  12. Work in Groups  13. Don’t Cheat  14. Collaborate with Fellow Students  15. Get out of Your Comfort Zone and Join Student Organizations  16. Ask for Help  17. Gain Career Experience  18. Taking Online Courses  19. Taking Dual Enrollment Courses  20. Navigating the Social Aspects of College  21. Spend Time in the Library  22. Finish Strong


    Dr. Scotty Dunlap is a Professor in the College of Justice, Safety, and Military Science at Eastern Kentucky University where he teaches courses in occupational safety. He has served as Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Chair of Graduate Studies and Research, and has received several awards related to his college teaching, service, scholarship, and student mentoring.

    Dr. Brian Dudak is an English Instructor at Middle Tennessee State University where he teaches Expository English, Research and Argumentative Writing, Themes of Literature, and Grammar for Educators. He has spoken at national English conferences on the proper way to teach college writing and has served as Assistant Dean of Instruction at Spokane Community College.