1st Edition

How to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan A Step-By-Step Guide

By Norton Paley Copyright 2000

    Two-thirds of rapid-growth firms use written business plans, according to Price, Waterhouse, Coopers 1998 Trendsetter Barometer. The survey also states that firms with written plans grow faster, achieve a higher proportion of revenues from new products and services, and enable CEOs to manage more critical business functions.
    How to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan is both innovative and pragmatic in its approach. It explains how to combine the strategic vision of long-term business planning with the action-oriented thrust of a short-term marketing plan. Planning forms and guidelines for customizing your own Strategic Market Plan (SMP) are available for download from the CRC Press website.  Just go to the download tab located with the book's description.

    Actual case histories - from companies such as Campbell Soup, Co., Texas Instruments, Inc., and Quaker State Corp. - illustrate how business-building opportunities translate into strategies and tactics. They demonstrate the compelling relationship between internal organizational functions and external market conditions, the long- and short-term strategic marketing issues and the advantages of developing an SMP.
    Strategic market planning shapes the future of business. In its broadest dimension it sets in motion actions that impact long term prosperity. How to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan gives you the tools to generate a credible strategic marketing plan so your organization can survive in the 21st century.

    Introduction to Strategic Market Planning
    Planning in Perspective
    Critical Issues Impacting the Strategic Market Plan
    Organizational Conditions for Developing an Effective Marketing Plan
    Outcomes of the Strategic Marketing Plan
    Getting the Most Out of the Book
    The Strategic Marketing Plan: Strategic Selection
    The Strategic Plan: Looking Foreword to Three to Five Years
    Strategic Direction
    Objectives and Goals
    Growth Strategies
    Business Portfolio Plan
    The Strategic Marketing Plan: Tactical Selection
    Situation Analysis
    Marketing Opportunities
    Marketing Objectives
    Strategies and Action Plans (Tactics)
    Financial Controls and Budgets
    Marketing Problem Solver - The Strategic Marketing Plan in Action
    Case Examples
    Checklists for Developing Competitive Strategies
    Competitive Advantage Analysis
    Competitive Strategies Analysis
    How to Conduct Analysis
    The Marketing Adult
    Help Topics
    Competitive Strategy
    Looking at Your Market
    Determining Patterns of Customer Behavior
    Identifying Competitor Behavior
    Viewing the Industry
    Scanning the Environment
    Looking at Your Company
    Integrating Marketing Intelligence Into Your Strategic Marketing Plan
    Applying Marketing Research to Your Strategic Marketing Plan
    Selecting Marketing Strategies
    Selecting Product/Service Strategies
    Selecting Pricing Strategies
    Developing Promotional Strategies
    Developing Distribution Strategies
    Creating Global Strategies
    The Team Approach - Thinking Like a Strategist


    Paley, Norton

    "…this one is both intellectual and practical…insights into market planning, academicians should find this book a detailed and interesting vehical for presenting detailed planning concepts to students, who will find it a clear and well-organized guide to developing marketing plans…lower division undergraduate through professional."
    --T. J. Belich, in CHOICE, Vol. 37, No. 11/12

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