2nd Edition

How to Get Research Published in Journals

By Abby Day Copyright 2008
    154 Pages
    by Routledge

    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    Now in its second edition, this internationally best-selling book has been revised and updated. It focuses on helping people overcome some of the most common obstacles to successful publication. Lack of time? An unconscious fear of rejection? Conflicting priorities? In this, the first book to address the subject, Abby Day explains how to overcome these obstacles and create publishable papers for journals most likely to publish them. She shows how to identify a suitable journal and how to plan, prepare and compile a paper that will satisfy its requirements. She pays particular attention to the creative aspects of the process. As an experienced journal editor and publisher, Dr Day is well placed to reveal the inside workings of the reviewing procedure - and the more fully you understand this, the greater the chance that what you submit will be accepted and published. For academic and research staff, in whatever discipline, a careful study of Dr Day's book could be your first step on the road to publication.

    Contents: Preface. Part One Setting Your Objectives: Introduction; Why publish?; Why not publish?; A sense of purpose; So what?; Making sense of the literature. Part Two Knowing Your Audience: Who are the editors and reviewers?; Through the reader's eyes; Targeting journals. Part Three From Draft to Print: Seven days to a finished paper; Writing the draft; Points of style; Managing the process; Keeping it going. References; Index.


    Abby Day is the author and co-author of several books about publishing and funding and her 'How to Get Published' workshops are popular events in colleges and universities worldwide. With an MA and PhD in the sociology of religion, she also pursues her own research and publishing in that discipline. She is a Trustee of the British Sociological Association with responsibility for its publishing portfolio.

    Reviews of Second Edition: 'It helped to sharpen my thinking...highly recommended as a resource for any novice or aspirant writer of journal articles...the book meets the criteria advocated by Day herself for journal articles and papers - it meets its purpose and it adds value.' Emerald Journal Education and Training Vol 50, Issue 4 2008 Reviews of the previous edition: 'Her pragmatic and humorous approach will be invaluable to novices trying to break into the world of journal article publishing and has lots also to offer to experienced writers, who can expect to get new perspectives and a re-energised approach. What is more, it is a really good read too, causing me to laugh loud as I read it, at the same time as reaching for my highlighter pen to mark some of her more apposite points for future reference. I wish I had written this book myself!' Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education '... entertaining and easy to read.' Elsevier Science 'Highly recommended...' Asia Pacific Management Forum 'It is, therefore, perhaps a good sign that the main thrust of the first third of Abby Day's book is the purpose of academic publication. Along the way, there is plenty of good advice on improved writing, evaluation and coomon problems, all well written and fun - but the thrust is the purpose....there are various aspecs of good educational technology in the way Day helps one deal with one's academic publishing problem.' British Educational Communications and Technology Agency