1st Edition

How to Use Work Group Supervision to Improve Early Years Practice

By Stella Louis Copyright 2021
    174 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    174 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    How to Use Work Group Supervision to Improve Early Years Practice presents a new model for supervision as a collaborative process, and explores how this process can benefit practitioners at all stages in their career to reflect on and improve their own practice. Supported by detailed case studies which contextualise Work Group Supervision, Louis offers practical support which will help practitioners develop their knowledge and skills, and to work together to develop a shared understanding and more successful practice.

    Louis covers a range of insightful topics to help practitioners utilise the Work Group Supervision method to improve their practice, including:

    • What Work Group Supervision is and how it can help practitioners
    • How to develop self-understanding and professional practice
    • Theories on child observation, and using observation to tune into children
    • The importance of respectful interactions as a leader and among peers

    How to Use Work Group Supervision to Improve Early Years Practice is ideal for Early Years practitioners and teachers, managers of Early Years settings and students on courses for leadership in Early Childhood settings.

    About this book


    Chapter 1: Theorists of child observations

    Chapter 2: The role of the Early Years educator and observation

    Chapter 3: What do we see when children play?

    Chapter 4: Schemas – the key to patterns of behaviour

    Chapter 5: What is supervision?

    Chapter 6: Implementing Work Group Supervision and Bringing observational practice into focus using Work Group Supervision

    Chapter 7: Group consultation

    Chapter 8: Work Group Supervision in practice – Developing pedagogy, self-understanding and team work

    Chapter 9: Using observation to tune into children – and its challenges

    Chapter 10: Respectful interactions are everything

    Chapter 11: Developing professional practice through Work Group Supervision



    Stella Louis is an Early Years Consultant and Author based in the UK.

    "This book is a tour de force. Not only does it include major literature which illuminates the subject in accessible ways, but it demonstrates powerfully key aspects important for developing practice. The author is a respected Froebelian practitioner/trainer. Bringing together in a integrated way the theoretical and the practitioner perspectives so that there is impact for children’s lives is rarely achieved. This book is to be valued for this reason." - Tina Bruce CBE, Honorary Professor, University of Roehampton

    "This is a key text which underlines the complexity of the roles of the Early Years educator. It addresses the need of group supervision for Early Years educators and how Work Group supervision can help develop professional practice. The hidden challenges of observing children alongside the notion of children's play is examined with useful and practical examples. The application of amongst others: Froebel, Vygotsky, Piaget and Freud to Early Years education gives this work theoretical depth. A must read book for undergraduate, postgraduate students and professional practitioners working and interested in both Education and Early Childhood Studies." - Dr. Richard Race, Senior Lecturer in Education, Roehampton University, UK