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1st Edition

Hydraulic Engineering V Proceedings of the 5th International Technical Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE V), December 15-17, 2017, Shanghai, PR China

Edited By Guojun Hong, Gongxun Liu, Liquan Xie Copyright 2018
    ISBN 9780815374718
    304 Pages
    Published December 13, 2017 by CRC Press

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    Hydraulic research is developing beyond traditional civil engineering to satisfy increasing demands in natural hazards, structural safety assessment and environmental research. Hydraulic Engineering V contains 40 technical papers from the 5th International Technical Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE 2017), held in Shanghai (China) 15—17 December 2017. The conference served as a major forum to promote technological progress and activities, technical transfer and cooperation, and opportunities for engineers and researchers to maintain and improve scientific and technical competence in the field of hydraulic engineering, environment and safety engineering, and other related fields.

    The selected papers mainly focus on theory and technologies related to hydraulic engineering, ecological structures in hydraulic engineering, stability and risk of hydraulic structures, estuary improvement and shoreline restoration, river engineering and sediment transport, dredging technology and equipment, flood hazards and innovative control measures, complex flow modelling, environmental hydraulics and hydrology, water purification, wastewater treatment, and geotechnical aspects in hydraulic engineering.

    Hydraulic Engineering V will be of interest to academics and engineers involved in Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

    Analyzing the influence of parameter value uncertainties on the reliability of the retaining wall
    J.-x. Chen, W.-w. Song & J.-y. Yu

    A method for calculating the trajectory and extension of bow-spray for the TSHD
    F. Wang, J. Yin, Q. Zhang, L. Wang & Z. Han

    Temperature stress analysis for a bimodulus beam placed on a double-parameter foundation
    W.J. Yao & Y. Yang

    Research on the law for developing cutting resistance of rake tooth during the dredging of the saturated dense silt soil
    G. Liu, G. Hong, Q. Zhang, S. Wang, H. Xu & P. Zhang

    A computational model for devising an intelligent densitometer for cutter suction dredgers
    C. Wei, F. Ni, L. Xu & X. Chen

    Risk analysis of rainfall and tidal levels using maximum entropy: The secondary return period method
    J.W. Fan, J.L. Huang & Z.Z. Tang

    Adapting the Afsluitdijk to climate changes
    Y. Li, P. Arecco, C. Miranda Eguez & M.J. Ruiz Fuentes

    Adjustment of a tridimensional network structure of ecological revetment to the local flow pattern
    A.-x. Ma, M.-x. Cao, Q.-h. Xiao, Y. Hu & Z.-m. Fu

    Experimental study on the application of EIT to the measurement of concentration distribution in the dredge pipeline
    C. Yuan, J. Xing, R. Tao, J. Yin & G. Hong

    The flow characteristics around a hydrofoil and the stall mechanism influenced by the electromagnetic force
    J. Yin, G. Hong, K. Chen, Y. You & T. Hu

    ADAMS-MATLAB co-simulation of trailing suction hopper dredger under wave action
    J. Wang, W. Shu, G. Hong, J. Yin, Z. Zhou & Y. Sun

    A method of measuring the critical jet pressure of clay cutting by a moving jet
    L. Gu, F.S. Ni, Z.S. Li & L.Q. Xu

    Experimental and numerical investigations on the ultra-high pressure jet of a TSHD
    S. Jiang, J. Yin, G. Hong, L. Yin & H. Xu

    Numerical simulation of the protection engineering effect in a new development district of Hangzhou Bay in Ningbo
    W. Chen, X.D. Mao, L.Y. Chen, C.L. Hao & Y.L. Ni

    Adjustment of the flexible mattress with ecological cavities to near-bottom flow patterns
    A.-x. Ma, M.-x. Cao, Y. Xu, Y. Deng & D.-h. Huang

    Comparison and analysis of different critical velocity models about the pipeline transport for the medium and coarse sand
    R. Tao, L. Zhang, Y. Hao, Y. Shen & C. Yuan

    Coastal responses and shoreline restoration after Holocene sea-level changes in Hong Kong, China
    Y.Y. Sun, J. Xing, Y.Q. Zong & G.J. Hong

    Application of the Coupled Eulerian–Lagrangian (CEL) method to the modeling of rock-breaking by a high-pressure waterjet
    Z. Zhou, W. Shu, J. Yin, G. Hong & F. Su

    Evaluating the effect of sulfate, alkalinity, and chloramine on iron release from iron pipes and the characteristics of iron corrosion using the response surface methodology
    F. Yang, S. Zhang, W. Zhang, J. Guo, X. Liu & N. Wu

    Application of the DNDC model in simulating nitrate leaching due to irrigation and precipitation
    Y.Y. Sun, J.W. Wang & G.J. Hong

    A spur-dike wetland hydrodynamic experiment with sediment discharge
    H.X. Liu, M.C. Zhu, T.J. Huang & Y.J. Lu

    Physicochemical properties and carbon cycle of soil on the intertidal mud flat to the north of the Yangtze Estuary
    X. Shen, P. Wang & Y.D. Wang

    Experimental study into the blocking effectiveness of silt curtain on suspended materials
    S.G. Chen, C. Peng, H.B. Chen, X.W. Zhang & Q. Zhang

    Numerical simulation of high-pressure submerged waterjet cutting hard clay using the SPH method
    S. Shi, G. Hong, J. Yin & W. Shu

    Analysis of output and power for the dredger’s cutter head under different axis angle conditions using the distinct element method
    J. Hu, T. Lin, P. Jin & L. Xie

    Study on prestressed grid anchorage technology for slope and landslide treatment
    R. Wang, Y. Zhao, Y. Liu & Z. Liu

    Simulation and optimization of seepage control measures for gate dam
    Q. Ren & G.Y. Li

    Numerical simulation of the hydrodynamic response of regulation engineering in the Deepwater Navigation Channel of the Yangtze Estuary
    T.L. Xu, X.D. Mao, W. Chen, C.P. Kuang, C.H. Mao, J.S. Zhang & S.J. Shi

    Research on a ship bulkhead structure under the combined load
    Q. Yin, G. Cao, R. Xie & S. Li

    Experimental study on the hydrodynamic characteristics of a geomembrane-enveloped concrete structure of ecological revetment
    A.-x. Ma, M.-x. Cao, Y. Deng, Y.-j. Yang, Y.-t. Li & B.-r. Zhou

    Numerical strategy for predicting erosion in a dredging pump impeller
    T. Guo, L. Zheng, H. Zhuang & M. Liu

    Numerical simulations of flow past a submerged vertical cylinder with porous structure
    B. Hu, L. Xie & T.-C. Su

    Effects of land forming on hydrodynamics in the Yangtze Estuary
    X.P. Dou, M.X. Cao, Q. Xu, X.F. Luo, H.C. Wang & C.T. Lu

    Response of salinity intrusion to winds in the Yangtze Estuary
    L. Ding, X.P. Dou, X.Y. Gao, J. Jiao & J. Hu

    Reliability analysis of a slope-type seawall armor structure
    Q. Liu, Q. Zuo, D. Wang & T. Sun

    Wave run-up influenced by the protective facings of the sloping breakwater
    T.T. Sun, D.T. Wang, Q.J. Liu & V. Penchev

    Comparative experiment of the influence of PVD and EVD on vacuum preloading effects
    Z. Sun & M. Gao

    Study on the wind-induced vibration of steel bridge members in a mountainous city
    X. Tang, C. Wang, Z. Li & Y. Chen

    Research on the social impact assessment index system of dam failure risk
    W. Sun, Z. Long, X. Wang, L. Li & M. Gan

    Experimental measurement of diffusion coefficients under wave action by the tracer method
    L. Shen, Y. Ding, G. Jiang, Y. Song & H. Shi


    Guojun Hong is general manager assistant of National Engineering Research Center of Dredging Technology and Equipment, and the vice-director of CCCC Dredging Lab. Mr Hong is also a technical leader in research teams about dredging equipment and technology, environmental dredging, beneficial use of dredged material, among others.

    Gongxun Liu works in the key laboratory of channel and dredging technology in the communication industry, mainly specializing in the researches of engineering property of soft clay, new-type marine foundation, new technology of dredging soil consolidation, soil cutting with rake tooth and reamer, mud tank model, dam construction, and the study on the engineering processing technology and equipment of mold-bagged soft clay. Gongxun is a dredging technology expert in China.

    Liquan Xie is an associate professor in the College of Civil Engineering at the Tongji University, Shanghai, China. He has more than 20 years of teaching, research, and industrial experience related to hydraulic engineering and geotechnical engineering. He has published more than 60 research papers and spent about 10 years teaching many courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Before teaching in Tongji University, he worked on the construction of Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, the third longest river in the world. He also built up technical experience on the construction of large river-crossing bridges and highways.

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