1st Edition

I, Monster Positive Ways of Working with Challenging Teens Through Understanding the Adolescent Within Us

By David Taransaud Copyright 2016
    226 Pages
    by Speechmark

    I, Monster is a resource for all professionals in health and education who work with challenging young people. The book aims to explain the issues behind challenging behaviour, to enable empathy, and to facilitate a more productive therapeutic relationship between the health/education professional and the child.

    It is divided into three parts:

    • Part one suggests that our greatest foes lurk deep within ourselves, and that knowing our own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people (Jung, 1973).
    • Part two focuses on the inner world of adolescents who use aggression to manage early terrors.
    • Part three explores approaches and strategies to help them heal the pain of the past.

    Full of case studies as well as coverage of key concepts and theory, this book offers a fascinating insight into the minds of the young people you work with.

    I: On The Essence of the Historical: The Meaning of Tradition; II: On The Nature of The Historical: The Metaphysical and The Historical; III: Of Celestial History: God and Man; IV: Of Celestial History: Time and Eternity; V: The Destiny of The Jews; VI: Christianity and History; VII: The Renaissance and Humanism; VIII: The End of The Renaissance and The Crisis of Humanism: The Advent of The Machine; IX: The End of The Renaissance and The Crisis of Humanism: The Disintegration of The Human Image; X: The Doctrine of Progress and The Goal of History; Epilogue


    David Taransaud