1st Edition

If Classrooms Matter Progressive Visions of Educational Environments

Edited By Jeffrey Di Leo, Walter Jacobs Copyright 2004
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Where does learning take place? In this collection of passionately argued essays, leading educators and theorists explore the "where" of pedagogy - how pedagogical processes are influenced by local conditions. Understanding this dynamic just may be the single most important ingredient to successful teaching.Classrooms Matter presents some of the best known voices in critical pedagogy--Michael Apple, Henry Giroux, Stanley Aronowitz, Carol Becker, Peter McLaren--alongside essays by such well-known scholars as Mark Poster, Sharon O'Dair, David Trend, Jacqueline Bobo, and others. These thinkers explore the sensitive balance between technology, physical space, economic developments, political events, and the goals of teaching--a balance we must constantly renegotiate if classrooms are to matter at all.

    Table of Contents
    Jeffrey R. Di Leo and Walter R. Jacobs, Place, Pedagogy, Politics: Reflections on Contemporary Classroom Reconfigurations
    Section I--The Politics of Pedagogical Space
    1. Henry Giroux, The Politics of Public Pedagogy
    2. Stanley Aronowitz, Education, Social Class, and the Sites of Pedagogy
    3. Michael Apple, Interrupting the Right: On Doing Critical Educational Work in Conservative Times
    4. Peter McLaren and Nathalia Jaramillo, Critical Pedagogy in a Time of Permanent War
    Section II--Re-Ruling the Classroom: The Possibilities of Places
    5. Elizabeth Ellsworth, The U.S. Holocaust Museum as a Scene of Pedagogical Address
    6. Carol Becker, Pilgrimage to My Lai: Social Memory and the Making of Art
    7. Andrew Hoberek, Professionalism: What Graduate Students Need
    8. Sharon O'Dair, Class Work: Site of Egalitarian Activism or Site of Embourgeoisement
    Section III--The Actualities of Media Interventions
    9. Jacqueline Bobo, Media, Activism, and the Classroom: Teaching Black Feminist Cultural Criticism
    10. David Trend, Back to Cyberschool: Some of the Learning, None of the Fun
    11. TyAnna K. Herrington, Where in the World is the Global Classroom Project?
    12. Mark Poster, History in the Digital Domain


    Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Assistant Professor of English and Philosophy at the University of Houston-Victoria, is editor of the journal Symploke.

    Walter R. Jacobs is Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Minnesota General College.