Illegal Leisure offers a unique insight into the role drug use now plays in British youth culture. The authors present the results of a five year longitudinal study into young people and drug taking. They argue that drugs are no longer used as a form of rebellious behaviour, but have been subsumed into wider, acceptable leisure activities. The new generation of drug user can no longer be seen as mad or bad or from subcultural worlds - they are ordinary and everywhere. Illustrated throughout with interview material, Illegal Leisure shows how drug consumption has become normalised, and provides a well-informed analysis of the current debate.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 Why are more young Britons taking drugs?; Chapter 2 The North-West Longitudinal Study; Chapter 3 Alcohol; Chapter 4 Patterns; Chapter 5 Pathways; Chapter 6 Journeys; Chapter 7 Towards the normalisation of recreational drug use;


    Aldridge, Judith; Measham, Fiona; Parker, Howard

    'Overall, the book is thoughtful, interesting and well-written, peppered with excerpts from the interviews which help both to illuminate and give a feel for the findings. It should be of interest to those in the addictions field, giving insight into youth culture, although perhaps it should also be read by those in government' - Review in Addiction Biology, Vol 4, 1999, by Louise Hope, University of Kent at Canterbury