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Imaging in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy

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Since its inception under the founding series editor, William R. Hendee, this series has reflected the cutting edge of science and technology developments in medical imaging and radiation therapy. The series encompasses all aspects of therapy and imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of human disease, presenting essential physics, biology, and medicine together with detailed, critical discussion of the state of the art and expert perspectives on future directions. Individual titles cover the wide spectrum of therapeutic aspects and imaging modalities, from magnetic resonance imaging to ultrasound, computed tomography, optical imaging, and radiography. The target audience is advanced students, researchers, residents, scientists, and professionals in a range of fields, including medical physics, biomedical engineering, radiology, oncology, and allied disciplines.

New books in the series are commissioned by invitation. Authors are also welcome to contact the Series Editors (Dr. Bruce R. Thomadsen: [email protected]; Dr. David W. Jordan: [email protected]) or the publisher (Carolina Antunes, Physics Editor: [email protected]) to discuss new title ideas.

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Quantitative MRI in Cancer

Quantitative MRI in Cancer

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas E. Yankeelov, David R. Pickens, Ronald R. Price
September 13, 2011

Propelling quantitative MRI techniques from bench to bedside, Quantitative MRI in Cancer presents a range of quantitative MRI methods for assessing tumor biology. It includes biophysical and theoretical explanations of the most relevant MRI techniques as well as examples of these techniques in ...

Adaptive Radiation Therapy

Adaptive Radiation Therapy

1st Edition

Edited By X. Allen Li
January 27, 2011

Modern medical imaging and radiation therapy technologies are so complex and computer driven that it is difficult for physicians and technologists to know exactly what is happening at the point-of-care. Medical physicists responsible for filling this gap in knowledge must stay abreast of the latest...

Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy

Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy

1st Edition

Edited By Todd Pawlicki, Peter Dunscombe, Arno J. Mundt, Pierre Scalliet
December 20, 2010

The first text to focus solely on quality and safety in radiotherapy, this work encompasses not only traditional, more technically oriented, quality assurance activities, but also general approaches of quality and safety. It includes contributions from experts both inside and outside the field to ...

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