1st Edition

Implementing Reflective Practice in the K-12 Classroom How to Easily Structure Teaching and Learning Reflections Into Your Day

    196 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    196 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This resource offers teachers a simple framework to seamlessly add reflective practice to their day and encourages educators to critically reflect on instructional planning and practice. Commonly used in other busy professions, the SOAP Notes structure makes it easy to reflect on student progress through any lesson or learning activity, regardless of grade band or content area. Each category- Subjective, Observation, Assessment, and Planning- allows for documentation of obstacles, difficulties, or challenges within a lesson so educators can address these concerns in subsequent lessons. Each chapter features an in-service teacher who used SOAP Notes reflections in their classrooms to improve their instruction and student learning. Contributors are from diverse teaching backgrounds, schools, and student populations. The authors include instructions for using the template in a variety of scenarios, blank worksheets, completed SOAP examples, and important take-aways. Whether there is an hour or only minutes in the day to focus on reflective practice, these teachers demonstrate how this framework makes this activity possible in any classroom. Ideal for preservice and inservice teachers, administrators, and other education professionals across K-12 settings, this accessible read demonstrates the ease of reflective practice while celebrating teacher voices. This simple structure makes adding reflection and intention to your routine immediately doable.


                            Joanna C. Weaver

                            Cynthia D. Bertelsen


    Part 1: Professional Learning: Connections Between Medical and

    Educational SOAP Notes


    Chapter 1        SOAP Notes Impact in Pharmacy School

    Lindsay Brooks

    Chapter 2        Reflection in Education

                             Dominic Helmstetter

    Chapter 3        SOAP Notes: Supports Reflective Practice and Aligns with OTES 2.0

                            Matt Boggs


    Part 2: Impact of SOAP Notes’ Reflection on Instructional Practice


    Student Choice and Engagement

    Chapter 4        Self-reflecting through SOAP Notes: A Guide for Teachers Seeking to Find the Best Versions of Themselves for Student Learning

    Allison Pamer

    Chapter 5        Reflective Practice: The Root of Quality Teaching

    Gabrielle Dendinger

    Chapter 6        Teaching the “Human” Side of Education

    Emily Hamric


    Application of SOAP Notes

    Chapter 7        Trusting Yourself and Your Students

    Myka Chavez-En Yart

    Chapter 8        Gifted, Talented, Exceptional, and Still Working on it

    Anna Wank


    Part 3: Deep Dive into Instruction and Learning via Reflective SOAP Notes


    Teachers’ Perceptions of Instruction

    Chapter 9        The Lord of the Flies, The Boys and Their Beasts, and Me with My Notes

    Erin Dziak


    Chapter 10      Fluidity and Flexibility in Honors Courses

    Gabrielle Day


    Building Student-Teacher Relationships

    Chapter 11      My SOAP Notes Journey through Non-Verbal Communication

    Amy Farrar

    Chapter 12      Third Grade Challenges: State Testing, Text Connections, and Reflective Practice

    Sarah Campbell

    Chapter 13      The Power of Reflection

    Grace Mutti


    Student Needs Revealed Through SOAP Notes

    Chapter 14      The (Wo)man, The Myths and Legend (ary) Lessons

    Lizzi Kikel

    Chapter 15      Reflective Practice: Insights and Impact

    Julianna Cajka

    Chapter 16      Why Reflective Practice Matters in the Classroom

    Jessica Gruesback

    Chapter 17      Small Pieces, Big Picture

    Shoupra Skikwana


    Part 4: Conclusion

    Chapter 18      Teacher Voices: Final Wrap-Up

                            Joanna C. Weaver

                            Cynthia D. Bertelsen


    Joanna C. Weaver is an Associate Professor in the School of Inclusive Teacher Education. She is the Adolescence to Young Adult Integrated Language Arts Program Coordinator at Bowling Green State University, USA.

    Cynthia D. Bertelsen is an Associate Professor Emeritus at Bowling Green State University, USA.