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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

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    Improving Classroom Learning with ICT examines the ways in which ICT can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning in different settings and across different subjects.

    Weaving together evidence of teachers’ and learners’ experiences of ICT, the authors:

    • explain why the process of integrating ICT is not straightforward;
    • discuss whether hardware and infrastructure alone are sufficient to ensure full integration and exploitation of ICT investment;
    • emphasise the pivotal role that teachers play in supporting learning with ICT across the curriculum;
    • argue that teachers need a greater understanding of how to put ICT to use in teaching and learning;
    • highlight that out-of-school use of ICT has an impact on in-school learning;
    • consider what kinds of professional development are most effective in supporting teachers to use technologies creatively and productively.

    Case studies are used to illustrate key issues and to elaborate a range of theoretical ideas that can be used in the classroom.

    This book will be of interest to all those concerned with maximising the benefits of ICT in the classroom.

    SECTION 1: What are the Issues?

    Chapter 1 A holistic approach to understanding teaching and learning with ICT

    Pat Triggs and Rosamund Sutherland

    SECTION 2: What does the research tell us?

    Chapter 2 Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning

    Rosamund Sutherland and Dan Sutch

    Chapter 3 Learning and Technology

    Federica Olivero, Rosamund Sutherland and Peter John

    Chapter 4 The enabled practitioner

    Peter John and Pat Triggs

    Chapter 5 Creative Designs for Learning

    Marina Gall, Elisabeth Lazarus, Celia Tidmarsh and Nick Breeze

    Chapter 6 Discerning Literacy

    Sasha Matthewman

    Chapter 7 “Aliens in the Classroom 2”: When Technology Meets Classroom Life

    Susan Robertson and Roger Dale

    Chapter 8 Connecting cultures: home and school uses of ICT

    Keri Facer and Rosamund Sutherland

    SECTION 3: What are the overall implications?

    Chapter 9 Breaking into the Curriculum: The impact of information technology on schooling

    John Morgan

    Chapter 10 Designs and theories for learning

    Rosamund Sutherland, Susan Robertson and Peter John

    Chapter 11 From ‘should be’ and ‘can be’ to ‘will be’: Reflections and new directions on improving learning with ICTs

    Susan Robertson and Rosamund Sutherland

    Methodological Appendix


    Rosamund Sutherland is Professor of Education at the University of Bristol, UK.

    Susan Robertson is Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Bristol, UK.

    Peter John is Vice-Chancellor of Thames Valley University, UK.

    "I would recommend this book for everyone in the field of Education, particularly those actively involved in classrooms, whether as teachers, researchers or policy makers. But I would like to recommend it even more enthusiastically as part of a discussion on the use of ICT in a school, one which will address these challenging questions of how we teach, what we teach and why..... the broad picture it creates could be a springboard into a compelling and thought-provoking discussion"