164 Pages
    by Routledge

    164 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Improving Computer Science Education examines suitable theoretical frameworks for conceptualizing teaching and learning computer science.  This highly useful book provides numerous examples of practical, "real world" applications of major computer science information topics, such as:

    • Spreadsheets
    • Databases
    • Programming

    Each chapter concludes with a section that summarzies recommendations for teacher professional development.  Traditionally, computer science education has been skills-focused and disconnected from the reality students face after they leave the classroom.  Improving Computer Science Education makes the subject matter useful and meaningful by connecting it explicitly to students' everyday lives.

    Part 1 Improving learning
    1 Text comprehension in computer science education by Maria Grigoriadou and Alexandra Gasparinatou
    2 Learning about spreadsheets by Djordje M. Kadijevich
    3 Personalizing learning about databases by Peter K. Antonitsch
    Part 2 Methodological perspectives
    4 Visualization of programming by Mordechai Ben-Ari
    5 Unplugging computer science by Tim Bell and Heidi Newton
    6 Assessment of students' programs by Valentina Dagiene and Bronius Skupas
    Part 3 Improving teaching
    7 Three computing traditions in school computing education by Matti Tedre and Mikko Apiola
    8 Applying standards to computer science education by Carsten Schulte and Mara Saeli
    9 Teaching spreadsheets: A TPCK perspective by Charoula Angeli


    Djordje M. Kadijevich (PhD, University of Joensuu, Finland) is scientific counselor at the Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbia.

    Charoula Angeli (PhD, Indiana University) is associate professor of instructional technology at the University of Cyprus.

    Carsten Schulte (PhD, University of Paderborn, Germany) is professor of computer science education research at the Free University, Germany.

    "This book helps us in addressing the needs in preparing computer science teachers. Its editors have done an excellent job of gathering some of the best in the field to tell us what they know about the challenges of students learning computer science and about approaches for teaching computer science. We have a great deal of work to do in order to understand computer science education at the same depth as science education.  This book helps us progress toward that goal."

    From Foreword by Mark Guzdial, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

    "The book is successful in its core goal: to elevate the level of understanding in the field of computer science pedagogy. Whether an instructor or a researcher approaches the book from an augmentative perspective, or as an introductory text for new concepts, the book serves both functions admirably."

    Jose Victor Lineros, University of North Texas