2nd Edition

In at the Deep End: A Survival Guide for Teachers in Post-Compulsory Education

By Jim Crawley Copyright 2011
    224 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    224 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Teachers working in Post Compulsory Education are recognised as being subject to a particularly acute set of pressures and challenges. These can include highly diverse and sometimes challenging student groups, trying to manage a complex curriculum which changes regularly and rapidly, and having to respond to the intense demands of inspection, quality assurance regimes and major government policies.

    Now in its second edition, the highly regarded In at the Deep End: A Survival Guide for Teachers in Post-Compulsory Education will help you to manage the varied demands of teaching in PCE more effectively by offering friendly, professional advice and a range of teaching and learning activities which will help you become an effective, confident, committed and reflective teacher.

    With a range of strategies, activities and spaces to reflect, this positive and practical ‘survival guide’ provides advice on:

    • Meeting initial challenges, working positively with your students and handling challenging behaviour

    • Accessing support, working with your local colleagues and a greater community of practice

    • Using straightforward techniques to help you manage pressure and conflict

    • Supporting skills for life, key skills and essential skills

    • Making positive use of Information and Communications Technology to support learning

    • Teaching your specialist subject

    • Managing inspections, developing as a leader and becoming a ‘Reflective Practitioner’.

    Lively and engaging, and built from the experience of many teachers across the last 30 years, this book will help all teachers overcome everyday problems and pressures to keep their ‘heads above water’, and become efficient, skilled professionals in the Post Compulsory Education workforce.

    Part One: Welcome To Post Compulsory Education (PCE)  Chapter 1 Introduction  Chapter 2 What Is Post Compulsory Education?  Chapter 3 Teaching And Learning Starting Points  Part Two: Don’t Panic  Chapter 4 Meeting The Initial Challenges  Chapter 5 Access For All – Working With Skills For Life  Chapter 6 The 14-19 Curriculum  Chapter 7 Information Literacy, Or ‘If You Can’t Find It, How Do You Expect Your Students To?’  Chapter 8 Positive Strategies For Managing Change  Chapter 9 Mentoring Matters  Part Three: Surviving In The Classroom  Chapter 10 Developing Your Specialist Subject  Chapter 11 Working With A Diverse Student Body  Chapter 12 Managing Challenging Behaviour  Chapter 13 Putting The ‘Learning’ Into ‘E-Learning’  Part Four: Surviving Outside The Classroom  Chapter 14 Working With Colleagues  Chapter 15 Working Under Pressure And Managing Conflict  Chapter 16 Are You Teaching In A Learning Organisation?  Part Five - Moving Out Of The Deep End  Chapter 17 Reality Check .. How’s It Going?  Chapter 18 Dealing With Bureaucracy And Inspection  Chapter 19 Managing Your Managers  Part Six: Moving Towards Mastery  Chapter 20 If Only  Chapter 21 Developing Leadership Skills  Chapter 22 Becoming A Reflective Professional  Chapter 23 You Can Get Involved In Research And Professional Development  Chapter 24 Future Gazing – What And Where Next?


    Jim Crawley is Programme Leader of Lifelong Learning at Bath Spa University.

    "The style of writing is fluent and easy-to read. The well structured index at front allows the reader to read it from cover to cover or to dip-in and out, as part of the on-going journey. An extremely useful publication for all stakeholders involved in the dynamic world of PCE; regardless of whether they are new-comers or experienced teachers." - Escalate, 18 January 2011