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Inclusion and Behaviour Management in Schools Issues and Challenges

    ISBN 9781843122296
    376 Pages
    Published October 31, 2004 by David Fulton Publishers

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    Providng an overview of the issues crucial to understanding inclusion and behavior management in schools, this book discusses:

    * Policy at national, local authority and school level

    * Inclusive practices in mainstream settings

    * Issues such as race, ethnicity school disciplines and exclusion

    Preface: Inclusion and behaviour management in schools: issues and challenges 1 Introduction: Issues in inclusion and the management of student behaviour in schools Part 1: Policy issues 2 The development of provision for children and young people 'with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBDV: past, present, and future) 3 The great problem of 'need': a case study in children who don't behave 4 Breaking the policy log-jam: comparative perspectives on policy formulation and development for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties 5 Exclusion from school: a view from. Scotland of policy and practice 6 Behaviour support7 from an external agency to mainstream schools: policy and practice Part 2: Practitioner research issues Part 3: Cultural issues 10 Culture, mind and education 11 Racism, policy and the (mis)education of Black children 12 Future prospects - towards inclusive education for all 13 Moral education in victim offender conferencing 14 Hei Awhina Matua: the development of a New Zealand bi-cultural and school behaviour management programme Part 4: In clu s iv e practices 15 Inclusive education: a critical perspective 16 Working with the group dimension 17 Some do and some don't: teacher effectiveness in managing behaviour 18 Barriers to belonging: students' perceptions of factors which affect participation in schools 19 Reforming special education: beyond inclusion


    Wearmouth, Janice; Glynn, Ted; Richmond, Robin C.; Berryman, Mere

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