1st Edition

Inclusive Education A Casebook and Readings for Prospective and Practicing Teachers

Edited By Suzanne E. Wade Copyright 2000

    Inclusive Education includes two sections: readings and cases. The readings present approaches for creating inclusive classrooms and schools; their purpose is to give prospective and practicing teachers background information in curricular, instructional, assessment, and collaborative problem-solving strategies that foster inclusive education. The Casebook consists of "An Introduction to Cases" and 14 teaching cases based on actual events as experienced by the case authors that describe in rich detail the experiences of parents, students, and teachers related to inclusive education. Most of the cases pose problems or dilemmas to be resolved--including the struggles of parents seeking inclusive education for their children; students' attempts to succeed in general education classrooms; special educators', principals' and teachers' experiences as they collaborate in moving toward inclusive programs; and teachers' concerns for the future success of their students.

    Contents: E.K. Shriver, Foreword. Preface. Part I:Readings. S.E. Wade, J. Zone, Creating Inclusive Classrooms: An Overview. K. Karp, Weaving Lessons: Strategies for Teaching Mathematics and Science in Inclusive Settings. M.F. Giangreco, M.B. Doyle, Curricular and Instructional Considerations for Teaching Students With Disabilities in General Education Classrooms. M. Welch, Collaboration as a Tool for Inclusion. Part II:The Casebook. S.E. Wade, An Introduction to Cases. K. Hahne, One Parent's Struggle for Inclusion. J.T. Remillard, The Dialogue That Might Be Silencing. M.A. Schmidt, Teachers' Attitudes Toward ESL Students and Programs. S. Ika, Overcoming Cultural Misunderstandings. L. Nesi, Tragedies and Turnarounds. C. Ranches with J. Zone, Small Victories: Pedro's Story. E.B. Moje, Reading in Biology Class. W.B. Hahn, When She's Ready, She'll Catch Up. K. Jones, "We Are Chauvinists": Sexual Entitlement and Sexual Harassment in a High School. E. Magleby, Help, With Strings Attached. H. Bonn, B. Bonn, In the Best Interests of the Child. B. Reynolds, L. Foster, S. McGhie, Building an Inclusive School: Vision, Leadership, and Community. L. Chestnut, Inclusion for All? Dilemmas of a School's Move Toward Inclusion. S.E. Wade, Conflicts in Collaboration.


    Suzanne E. Wade

    "Case narratives are...interesting and would provide a good starting point for educational interchange. Recommended for upper-division undergraduates and above."