1st Edition

Inclusive Schooling Practices Tip V 45#3 FROM WHY TO HOW

Edited By Douglas Fisher Copyright 2007

    First published in 2006, this is volume 45, number 3, the Summer 2006 edition of Theory into Practice. This edition includes articles on 1:1 instruction, collaborative planning, comprehensive school reform and inclusive schools, classroom peer support, assumptions and additional resources for use in the classroom.

    This Issue: Inclusive Schooling Practices: From Why to How; The Role of 1:1 Individual Instruction in Reading; Modifying Schoolwork in Inclusive Classrooms; Peer Supports and Inclusive Education: An Underutilized Resource; Teachers as Executives; The Many Faces of Collaborative Planning and Teaching; Assessment of Progress in the General Curriculum for Students With Disabilities; Inclusion as Social Justice: Critical Notes on Discourses, Assumptions, and the Road Ahead; Comprehensive School Reform and Inclusive Schools; Promoting Systemic, Statewide Inclusion From the Bottom Up; Additional Resources for Classroom Use


    Douglas Fisher