1st Edition

India Higher Education Report 2020 Employment and Employability of Higher Education Graduates in India

Edited By N.V. Varghese, Mona Khare Copyright 2022
    356 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    356 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    356 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    India Higher Education Report 2020 critically analyzes the role played by the state, industries, and higher education institutions in the employment and employability of educated youth in India. The book discusses a wide range of topics such as employability skill gaps of higher education graduates; curriculum and skills training systems; formal and informal modes of skill formation; crisis of jobless growth in India; migration, education and employment; dimensions of gender, caste and education; general, technical and professional education; vocationalization; qualifications framework and skills certifications; curriculum and pedagogy in higher education for skill development; industry–academia linkages; entrepreneurship education and executive education; and sustainable employment.

    The book focuses on theoretical insights, empirical evidences and recent data on key issues and challenges of higher education graduate employment in a knowledge economy driven by the unprecedented expansion of higher education and increasing digitization. It offers successful cases of institutional responses, examples of policy and practices as also perspectives of different stakeholders such as employers, employees, teachers and students to present trends in the changing landscape of higher education and future demands of the job market for the youth workforce across sectors, subject disciplines and gender.

    This volume will be an important resource for scholars, teachers and researchers of higher education, public policy, political economy, political science, labour studies, economics, education, sociology in general as well as for policymakers, professional organizations and associations, civil society organizations, and government bodies.

    1.            Employment and employability of higher education graduates: an overview

    N.V. Varghese and Mona Khare                                                                                   


    Part I: Economic Growth and Employment of the Educated

    2.            The crisis of jobless growth in India                                                                            

    Rajat Kathuria and Ujjwal Krishna                                                                 

    3.            On the persistence of informal work and self-employment in India                

    S. Chandrasekhar and Vasavi Bhatt                                                                 

    4.            Migration, education and employment in India                                               

    S. Irudaya Rajan                                                                                                                       

    5.            Declining labour force participation in India: does education and training help?       

    S. Madheswaran and J.K. Parida                                                                     

    6.            Trends in employment and unemployment in India: dimensions of gender, caste and education       

    Rajendra P. Mamgain and Khalid Khan          


    Part II: Graduate Employability and Skills Mismatch

    7.            Skills mismatch of higher education graduates in India: factors determining employability quotient       

    Mona Khare

    8.            General, technical and professional education: employability skill gaps                    

    Ritika Sinha                                                                                                      

    9.            Education, skills mismatch and wage differentials                                                      

    Sahana Roy Chowdhury, Catherine Bros and Sayoree Gooptu                       


    Part III: Education and Skill Formation

    10.        India’s national skills qualification framework and employment: the promise and the reality

    Santosh Mehrotra                                                                                   

    11.        Curriculum and pedagogy in higher education for skill development             

    Nikhil Agarwal and Aprant Agarwal                                                                

    12.        Skilling India: vocational orientation to higher education                                           

    Pankaj Mittal                                                                                                     

    13.        Skill universities in India                                                                                              

    S.K. Shukla and Komal Raghav                                                

    14.        Informal modes of skill formation                                                                                

    Vineeta Sirohi                                                                                                   


    Part IV: Education–Industry Relationship

    15.        Industryacademia linkages in India’s technical education sector                  

    Raj Agrawal and Anuja Pandey                                                                                   

    16.        Refuelling entrepreneurship education in India: a case study                          

    Kavita Saxena                                                                                       

    17.        Executive education and career advancement: sustainable employment                     

    Neetu Jain and Ajay K. Jain 


    N.V. Varghese is Vice-Chancellor, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) and the founding director of the Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education at NIEPA, New Delhi, India.

    Mona Khare is Professor and Head, Department of Educational Finance, Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi, India. She is associated with various government bodies and international education forums in research, consultancy and advisory activities.