1st Edition

India Migration Report 2022 Health Professionals' Migration

Edited By S. Irudaya Rajan Copyright 2023
    438 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    438 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    438 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    India Migration Report 2022 is one of the first volumes to focus comprehensively on Indian health professionals’ migration. The essays in the volume discuss the reasons, challenges and opportunities that daunt and prompt health professionals to migrate within and outside India.

    This volume: 

    • Explores the history of migration of health professionals, especially nurses from India;

    • Focuses in economic and social drivers of migration among health professionals;

    • Examines shifting patterns in migration as well as emergence of new destinations for migrants;

    • Studies the economic and social impact of COVID-19 among migrant health professionals;

    • Highlights the influence of remittances on rural economies in India.

    Timely, data-driven and drawing on exhaustive fieldwork, the volume looks at Indian health professionals in North America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and South Asia. It will be of interest to scholars and researchers of development studies, public health, public policy, economics, demography, sociology and social anthropology, and migration and diaspora studies.


    1. The women who paved the way: at the beginning of Indian nurses’ migration    

    Marie Percot


    2. Decision-Making of International Migration: A Case Study of Indian Nurses in New Zealand

    Yuko Tsujita, Hisaya Oda and S Irudaya Rajan


    3. Analysing Health professional Mobility from India to Canada    

    Ayona Bhattacharjee


    4. Becoming a Migrant Health Care worker: Interrogating Gender and Migration  

    Shruti Gupta


    5. Beyond the Caring Obligation: Indian Nurses Negotiating Nursing Care and Migration

    Neha Adsul and Rohit Shah


    6. Indian-EU Healthcare workforce migration in data, 2010-2020   

    Gunjan Sondhi


    7. An Analysis of Nurses’ Intention not to Migrate: Evidence from Nurses in Tamil Nadu

    Hisaya Oda, Yuko Tsujita and S Irudaya Rajan


    8. Health Worker Mobility from India: Trends and Opportunities for International Cooperation

    Rupa Chanda and Sudeshna Ghosh


    9. The transmutation of care and emotional labour for a technologically advanced workplace: A case of Indian nurse migration          

    Neha Adsul


    10. India and the global provision of health professionals:  Recent developments and potential policy responses        

    Margaret Walton-Roberts and S Irudaya Rajan


    11. Aspirations of Health Professionals in India for Migration Abroad: A Pre-Covid and Covid-time Comparison of Nurses           

    Binod Khadria and Shekhar Tokas


    12. South-South migration: Southern interpretations of a Northern discourse         

    Themrise Khan


    13. Non-payment of Wages among Gulf returnees in the first wave of COVID 19 

    S Irudaya Rajan and C S Akhil


    14. Do remittances affect labour supply decisions at a household level in India?    

    Amaani Bashir


    15. COVID 19 and International Migrants: Results from Post-Flood Migrant Survey in Kerala

    S Irudaya Rajan and Roshan R Menon


    16. Internal Migrant Enumeration and Service Provision: A Municipal Governance Approach

    Ananta Kukreja and Asmeeta Das Sharma


    17. Shutdown Workers during the COVID-19 pandemic times in Tamil Nadu       

    S Irudaya Rajan and Bernard D Sami


    18. Understanding Economic Well-Being of the Elderly Return Migrants in India 

    Pinak Sarkar and Himanshu Chaurasia


    19. Emerging Relationship between Migration and Development in West Bengal  

    Jyoti Parimal Sarkar


    20. Migration, Remittances and Welfare in  Rural Maharashtra       

    Bhupesh Gopal Chintamani


    21. Drivers of Economic and Social Change: The Impact of Indian Workers to the Gulf   

    Shibinu S



    S. Irudaya Rajan is Chairman of the International Institute of Migration and Development (IIMAD), India and chair of the KNOMAD (the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development) thematic working group on internal migration and urbanization, World Bank. Earlier, he was Professor at the Centre for Development Studies, and Chair, Research Unit on International Migration (RUIM), funded by the erstwhile Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India (2006-2016). Dr Rajan is the Founding Editor in Chief of Migration and Development (Taylor and Francis), Refugee Survey Quarterly (Editorial Board member) and the editor of two Routledge series - India Migration Report and South Asia Migration Report. He has published extensively in national and international journals on demographic, social, economic, political and psychological implications of international migration. He has also coordinated eight major large-scale migration surveys in Kerala since 1998 (with K C Zachariah), Goa (2008), Punjab (2009), Tamil Nadu (2015) and instrumental for Gujarat (2011).