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India Migration Report

About the Series

This annual series strives to bring together international networks of migration scholars and policymakers to document and discuss research on various facets of migration. It encourages interdisciplinary commentaries on diverse aspects of the migration experience and continues to focus on the economic, social, cultural, ethical, security, and policy ramifications of international movements of people.

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India Migration Report 2022 Health Professionals' Migration

India Migration Report 2022: Health Professionals' Migration

1st Edition

Edited By S. Irudaya Rajan
September 06, 2022

India Migration Report 2022 is one of the first volumes to focus comprehensively on Indian health professionals’ migration. The essays in the volume discuss the reasons, challenges and opportunities that daunt and prompt health professionals to migrate within and outside India. This volume:  •...

India Migration Report 2021 Migrants and Health

India Migration Report 2021: Migrants and Health

1st Edition

Edited By S. Irudaya Rajan
May 06, 2022

India Migration Report 2021 presents a detailed study on the health of migrants. It highlights major healthcare challenges faced by migrant labourers, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced authorities, policymakers and many other stakeholders to turn their attention ...

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