1st Edition

Indigenous Philosophies of Education Around the World

Edited By John Petrovic, Roxanne M. Mitchell Copyright 2018
    280 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    280 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This volume explores conceptualizations of indigeneity and the ways that indigenous philosophies can and should inform educational policy and practice. Beginning with questions and philosophies of indigeneity itself, the volume then covers the indigenous philosophies and practices of a range of communities—including Sami, Maori, Walpiri, Navajo and Kokama peoples. Chapter authors examine how these different ideals can inform and create meaningful educational experiences for communities that reflect indigenous ways of life. By applying them in informing a philosophy of education that is particular and relevant to a given indigenous community, this study aims to help policy makers and educational practitioners create meaningful educational experiences.

    1. Introduction: Philosophizing about Indigenous Philosophies of Education

    John E. Petrovic and Roxanne Mitchell

    Part One: Philosophical Approaches Toward Indigeneity

    2. Reimagining "Indigeneity": From Dichotomous Toward Intrinsic Based Understanding of Indigenous Philosophy and Pedagogy

    Paul L. Landry

    3. The Notion of Ubuntu and the (Post)Humanist Condition

    Lesley Le Grange

    4. Indigeneity and African Education: Cultivating Decolonized University Teaching and Learning Nuraan Davids and Yusef Waghid

    5. The Deaf as an Indigenous Community: Philosophical Considerations

    Timothy Reagan

    6. Transformational Leadership in Chinese Schools: An Analysis from the Perspective of Confucian Idea of Transformation

    Jingping Sun, Xinping Zhang and Xuejun Chen,

    Part Two: Understanding Indigenous Cultures and Education

    7. Indigenous Education Reform: A Decolonizing Approach

    John P. Hopkins

    8. Untamed Education: The Philosophical Principles of Behind the Kokama School

    Edison Hüttner and Alexandre Guilherme

    9. Home Within: Understanding A Warlpiri Approach to Developing and Applying an Indigenous Educational Philosophy in Australian Contexts

    Aaron Corn

    10. Connecting Sami Education to the Land and Lived Experience

    Ylva Jannok Nutti

    11. Ainu Puri: Content and Praxis of an Indigenous Philosophy of a Northern People

    Jeff Gayman

    12. Everyday Hope: Indigenous Aims of Education in Settler-Colonial Societies

    Joanna Kidman, Adreanne Ormond, and Liana MacDonald,


    13. Comparative Reflections on Philosophies of Indigenous Education Around the World

    John E. Petrovic and Roxanne Mitchell


    John E. Petrovic is Professor of Educational Philosophy and Policy Studies at University of Alabama, USA.

    Roxanne Mitchell is Associate Professor of Educational Administration at University of Alabama, USA.