1st Edition

Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific

By Senia Febrica Copyright 2023
    208 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book examines Indonesia’s strategies and policies to influence regional cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, focusing especially on Indonesia’s efforts to be the maritime fulcrum in the Indo-Pacific during President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) administration from 2014 until the present. Highlighting the importance of Indonesia as the largest country in Southeast Asia and as a founder member of ASEAN, the book, based on extensive original research, provides key insights into Indonesia’s maritime policy decision-making since 2014. It discusses the domestic political context in which foreign policy decisions are made, provides an explanation for Indonesia’s efforts to project its vision of Indo-Pacific cooperation at the ASEAN level and beyond, and demonstrates how Indonesia strives to maintain a delicate balance in its interactions with major powers in the region, including the United States, China, and Japan.

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    A Note on the Author



    Locating Indonesia in the Literature on the Indo-Pacific

    Indonesia’s Perception of Threats

    Indonesia and Regional Maritime Security

    Outline of This book

    1 Domestic Politics and Global Maritime Fulcrum

    Indonesia’s Leadership in Maritime Affairs

    Indonesia’s Conception of Global Maritime Fulcrum

    Domestic Source of Global Maritime Fulcrum

    The Rise and Decline of the Global Maritime Fulcrum?


    2 Projecting Indonesia’s Vision of Indo-Pacific at ASEAN and Beyond

    Indonesia’s Indo-Pacific Concept

    Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean Region

    Indonesia and the Indian Ocean

    Global Pandemic and the War in Ukraine


    3 Indonesia and the United States: Improving and Increasing Cooperation


    Indonesian Government Discourses on U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy

    On the QUAD

    On AUKUS

    Media Representation of U.S. Indo-Pacific Leadership


    4 Indonesia-China Relations: A Growing Discontent


    Indonesian Government Discourse on China’s Influence in the Indo-Pacific Region

    Media Representation of China’s Influence in the Indo-Pacific Region


    5 Indonesia and Japan Relations in the Indo-Pacific Era


    Japan Indo-Pacific Leadership and Its Depiction in Indonesian Government Discourse

    Maritime Security Cooperation

    Infrastructure and Connectivity

    Media Representation of Japan’s Leadership in Indo-Pacific



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    Senia Febrica is a Knowledge Exchange Associate, an early career researcher in the One Ocean Hub of the Law School, University of Strathclyde, UK and a Senior Research Fellow (Honorary) in the American Studies Center, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.