1st Edition

Industry 4.0 Technologies for Education Transformative Technologies and Applications

Edited By P Kaliraj, T. Devi Copyright 2023
    584 Pages 224 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    584 Pages 224 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    The transformative digital technologies developed for Industry 4.0 are proving to be disruptive change drivers in higher education. Industry 4.0 technologies are forming the basis of Education 4.0. Industry 4.0 Technologies for Education: Transformative Technologies and Applications examines state-of-the-art tools and technologies that comprise Education 4.0. Higher education professionals can turn to this book to guide curriculum development aimed at helping produce the workforce for Industry 4.0.

    The book discusses the tools and technologies required to make Education 4.0 a reality. It covers online content creation, learning management systems, and tools for teaching, learning, and evaluating. Also covered are disciplines that are being transformed by Industry 4.0 and form the core of Education 4.0 curricula. These disciplines include social work, finance, medicine, and healthcare. Mobile technologies are critical components of Industry 4.0 as well as Education 4.0. The book looks at the roles of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and cloud applications in creating the Education 4.0 environment.

    Highlights of the book include:

    • Technological innovations for virtual classrooms to empower students
    • Emerging technological advancements for educational institutions
    • Online content creation tools
    • Moodle as a teaching, learning, and evaluation tool
    • Gamification in higher education
    • A design thinking approach to developing curriculum in Education 4.0
    • Industry 4.0 for Service 4.0 and Research 4.0 as a framework for higher education institutions
    • Eye-tracking technology for Education 4.0
    • The challenges and issues of the Internet of Things (IoT) in teaching and learning

    1. Innovating Higher Education 4.0 in the Era of Industry 4.0
    P. Kaliraj and D. Thirupathi

    2. Student Talent Management in the Era of Industry 4.0
    M. Dhanabhakyam

    3. Latest Technological Innovations for the Virtual Classroom: Empowering the Learners
    P. B. Pankajavalli, G. S. Karthick, and N. Priya

    4. Industry 4.0: The Need of Industry 4.0 and the Technologies Revolutionizing IT
    C. Vishnu Mohan and T. Devi

    5. Digital Transformation
    S. Shalini and T. Devi

    6. Emerging Technological Advancements for Educational Institutions
    Manika Garg

    7. Industry 4.0: Application Areas, Impacts, and the Utilities for Creating Applications
    C. Vishnu Mohan and T. Devi

    8. Technologies, Challenges, and Tools for Education 4.0
    Italia Joseph Maria and T. Devi

    9. Homework Tools
    Mathew John Win

    10. Online Content Creation Tools
    Abraham Kochumol

    11. Moodle: Teaching Learning and Evaluation Tool
    Thomas Binu

    12. Learning Management Tools
    Juby George

    13. Industry 4.0 and Jobs 2030
    Italia Joseph Maria, T. Devi, and P. Kaliraj

    14. Gamification: A Boon for Higher Education
    G. Singaravelu

    15. Curriculum 4.0 for Incorporating Industry 4.0 Tools in Higher Education
    P. Kaliraj, T. Devi, V.Bhuvaneswari, T. Amudha, R. Rajeswari J. Satheeshkumar, M. Punithavalli, and S. Sarala

    16. Curriculum for Education 4.0: A Design Thinking Approach
    V Saravanan, M. Daniel, and K. Prem Nazeer

    17. Education 4.0: An Academic Drift of Curriculum Development for Educational Framework
    D. Napoleon and V. Ramanujam

    18. Industry 4.0 for Service 4.0 through Research 4.0: A Framework for Higher Education Institutions
    Italia Joseph Maria and T. Devi

    19. Electronics in 2030
    S.R.Vijayalakshmi and S.Muruganand

    20. Framework for Academic Writing and Product Naming through Software Assistance
    V. M. Subramanian

    21. Perception on Industry 4.0 and Education in Teaching-Learning
    P. Janardhanakumar Reddy and G. Singaravelu

    22. Education 4.0: Revisiting Contemporary Paradigms in Social Work Education
    F. X. Lovelina Little Flower and J. Tresa Sugirtha

    23. Fintech Application in Commerce
    Sumathy Mohan

    24. Mobile Cloud Computing in Healthcare
    Varshini Neethi Mohan and Thomas Alexander

    25. Eye-Tracking Technology for Education 4.0
    William Joseph Antony and Ramaswamy Murugesh

    26. Mobile Applications for Industrial Use
    Devaraj Sambandan and T. Devi

    27. Cognitive Flexibility: Know-How
    Sadhasivam Subramaniam

    28. Education 4.0: Cognitive Flexibility
    N.P Komala Raveendra

    29. Tone of Cognition and Metacognition in Digital Learning Environments
    N. Subramanian

    30. Role of Internet of Things (IoT) in Teaching and Learning: Challenges and Issues
    S. Sharmila and S.Vijayarani

    31. Integrative Analysis of Host-Microbiota Based Multi-Omics Data: A Novel Path Towards Precision Medicine
    Ganesan Velmurugan and Krishnan Swaminathan

    32. Emotional Intelligence: The Complex Innate Traits of the Humankind
    Sadhasivam Subramaniam


    Prof. P. Kaliraj is Vice Chancellor at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India.

    Prof. T. Devi is Head of the Department of Computer Applications, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India.