1st Edition

Inequalities in the Early Years

Edited By Bonnie Johnson, Yvonne Pratt-Johnson Copyright 2018
    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    162 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Inequalities in the Early Years examines poverty’s effects on children and provides workable solutions for decreasing childhood inequalities through the formal education process. This powerful edited collection explores early childhood inequalities across ten disciplines: earth sciences and geography, life sciences, physical sciences, technology, mathematics, history, society and social institutions, business and economy, the arts, and sports and recreation, following Kipfer’s delineation of broad subject areas of knowledge. The volume reaches beyond the domain of education to include multiple perspectives from scholars in the aforementioned disciplines.

    1. Technology: Factors behind the Digital Divide, Bonnie Johnson and Yvonne Pratt-Johnson 2. Mathematics and Measurements: Young Children Count: Undoing Reverse Constructivism during Early Childhood Mathematical Experiences, Daniel Ness 3. Literacy: Poverty, Literacy, and the American Dream: Do Children Fail in Schools, or Do Society and Schools Fail Children?, Michael R. Sampson 4. Physical Sciences: Pediatric Medical Conditions Associated with Poverty, Caitlin Stehling and Robert A. Mangione 5. Business and Economics: The Transformative Potential of Marketing to Fight Child Poverty, Fabienne T. Cadet, Dan Rubin, and Joan Ball 6. Society and Social Institutions: The Racial, Spatial, and Intergenerational Contours of Food Inequality in America: Origins, Implications, and Conditions of Possibility, Anthony Bayani Rodriguez 7. History: The Evolution of Juvenile Justice, Harold T. Broderick 8. The Arts: Arts Education and Makerspaces: Opportunities for Democratizing Practices and Socially Responsible Learning, Sandra Schamroth Abrams 9. Sports and Recreation: Inequalities for Young Children with Regards to Sports and Physical Activity, Elizabeth Chase 10. Life Sciences: Reaching for the Stars from the Start: Early Learning Experiences in the Sciences, Nancy P. Morabito 11. Earth Sciences and Geography: How Geographic Settings Contribute to Child Poverty with Implications for Child Citizenship Development, Donald R. McClure


    Bonnie Johnson is Professor of Education at St. John's University, New York City.

    Yvonne Pratt-Johnson is Professor of Education at St. John's University, New York City.

    "Professors Johnson and Pratt-Johnson have done a great service to the field of education. The effects of poverty, described in this well researched and often poetic collection of chapters, should instill in our consciousness the need to act rather than just shake our fists at the sky. The growing assault on the poor in underfunded schools and in the community at large is skillfully drawn and based in a reality yet to be successfully confronted. This volume is vitally important for teacher preparation in these troubled and even dangerous times."

    —Jerrold Ross, former Dean of the St. John’s University School of Education, USA

    "This impressive and provocative collection—expertly edited by Bonnie Johnson and Yvonne Pratt-Johnson—examines the effects of inequalities upon children struggling to study, among them hunger and homelessness, essays enacting St. John’s University’s Catholic and Vincentian mission to ensure access to education, especially for those whose circumstances render it remote. It is a collection each of us who is committed to social justice should study and teach."

    —William F. Pinar, Professor and Canada Research Chair, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada