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1st Edition

Inequality and Teacher Education An International Perspective

Edited By Gajendra K. Verma Copyright 1993
    ISBN 9780367686741
    222 Pages
    Published February 28, 2023 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780367686734
    222 Pages
    Published July 28, 2021 by Routledge

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    First published in 1993, this book attempts to provide a basic but challenging and rigorous introduction to the issues of inequality in teacher education affecting many of today’s societies. Education systems around the world, in common with much else, are undergoing radical change. In such times there are the almost inevitable casualties, in this case the fate of multicultural, multiracial, antiracist education. The authors argue that there is a need for teacher education to be responsive to the needs of a culturally and socially diverse society. It has become obvious that in spite of the vast amount of effort given to it over the last few decades, very little real progress has been made. By highlighting examples of good practices, this book demonstrates how they can be maintained and enhanced.

    List of Tables and Figures Foreword 1. Teacher Education and Inequality G.K. Verma 2. Educating Teachers to Combat Inequality J. Eggleston 3. Global Apartheid: Disadvantage and Inequality R. Iredale 4. The Residuals of Apartheid: Impediments to Teacher Development in South Asia D Freer 5. The Multicultural Preparation of US Teachers: Some Hard Truths C. A. Grant 6. Beyond Tokenism: Multiculturalism and Teacher Education in Australia A. Hickling Hudson and M. McMeniman 7. The Struggle for Change: Teacher Education in Canada L. Orlikow and J. Young 8. Social Justice and Teacher Education in the UK I. Siraj- Blatchford 9. Access to Teacher Training and Employment C. Adelman 10. The Lost Opportunity? The Relative Failure of British Teacher Education in Tackling the Inequality of Schooling I. Reid 11. Multicultural Education and the Dutch Primary School Teacher Training Institutes H de Frankrijker 12. Interculturalism and Dutch Teacher Education H. W. Campbell 13. Teachers and Contradictions of Culturalism F. Rizvi and V. Crowley 14. Teaching about Equality, Inequality and Cultural Diversity in Australian and Pacific Contexts D. Dufty 15. Knowing Ourselves: Practising a Pluralist Epistemology in Teacher Education M. Reed and M. Beveridge 16. Teacher Training and Social Justice: Early Attempts to Develop the Teacher-Democrat A. Robertson Notes on Contributors Index


    Gajendra K. Verma

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