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Information Technology, Management and Operations Research Practices

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This new book series will encompass theoretical and applied books and will be aimed at researchers, doctoral students, and industry practitioners to help in solving real-world problems. The books will help in the various paradigm of management and operations. The books will discuss the concepts and emerging trends on society and businesses. The focus is to collate the recent advances in the field and take the readers on a journey that begins with understanding the buzz words like employee engagement, employer branding, mathematics, operations, technology and how they can be applied in various aspects. It walks readers through engaging with policy formulation, business management, and sustainable development through technological advances. It will provide a comprehensive discussion on the challenges, limitations, and solutions of everyday problems like how to use operations, management and technology to understand the value based education system, health and global warming, and real time business challenges. The book series will bring together some of the top experts in the field throughout the world who will contribute their knowledge regarding different formulations and models. The aim is to provide the concepts of related technologies and novel findings to an audience that incorporates specialists, researchers, graduate students, designers, experts, and engineers who are occupied with research in technology, operations, and management related issues.

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Quality of Life An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Quality of Life: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

1st Edition


Edited By Shruti Tripathi, Rashmi Rai, Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels
August 10, 2021

Quality of Life: An Interdisciplinary Perspective presents the Quality of Life using a contemporary and interdisciplinary approach. Various socio-cultural, spiritual, technological, and human factors aspects, which have an immense bearing on our lives, are an integral part of this book. This book ...

Employer Branding for Competitive Advantage Models and Implementation Strategies

Employer Branding for Competitive Advantage: Models and Implementation Strategies

1st Edition

Edited By Geeta Rana, Shivani Agarwal, Ravindra Sharma
March 22, 2021

This book shows how to build and maintain a distinctive and credible employer brand and develop a set of relevant success metrics to help measure return on investment (ROI). Starting with the current interest in employer branding, this book looks at the historical roots of brand management and the ...

Mathematical Modeling and Soft Computing in Epidemiology

Mathematical Modeling and Soft Computing in Epidemiology

1st Edition

Edited By Jyoti Mishra, Ritu Agarwal, Abdon Atangana
December 29, 2020

This book describes the uses of different mathematical modeling and soft computing techniques used in epidemiology for experiential research in projects such as how infectious diseases progress to show the likely outcome of an epidemic, and to contribute to public health interventions. This book ...

Soft Computing Applications and Techniques in Healthcare

Soft Computing Applications and Techniques in Healthcare

1st Edition

Edited By Ashish Mishra, G. Suseendran, Trung-Nghia Phung
September 25, 2020

This book provides insights into contemporary issues and challenges in soft computing applications and techniques in healthcare. It will be a useful guide to identify, categorise and assess the role of different soft computing techniques for disease, diagnosis and prediction due to technological ...

Performance Management Happiness and Keeping Pace with Technology

Performance Management: Happiness and Keeping Pace with Technology

1st Edition

Edited By Madhu Arora, Poonam Khurana, Sonam Choiden
October 06, 2020

The entrance of fast-paced technology into the workplace necessitates a proper re-look into performance management whether it is in education, marketing, finance, or information technology. Maintaining happiness and wellbeing despite the pressure of performance at work is a serious challenge. ...

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