1st Edition

Information Technology and Career Education Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Information Technology and Career Education (ICITCE 2014), Hong Kong, 9-10 October 2014

Edited By Fun Shao, Wise Shu, Tracy Tian Copyright 2015

    Information Technology and Career Education contains the contributions presented at the 2014 International Conference on Information Technology and Career Education (ICITCE 2014, Hong Kong, China, 9–10 October 2014). The book is divided into two main topics: information technology and vocational technology. Considerable attention is also paid to electric power, data mining, vocational education and physical education.

    Information Technology and Career Education will be invaluable to professionals and academics in information and vocational technology, electric and electronic engineering and education science.


    Information technology

    An insight on the health data mining for power equipment
    L.F. Zhang, M. Jiang, Y. Tian, H. Yang, T.Z. Wang & W.P. Guo

    The design and implementation of spatial integrated information system based on the DSP+FPGA framework
    J.S. Cao, X.Y. Hu, T. Jin, W.X. Li & B. Wang

    The application of management and control platform based on acceptance standard system in electric transmission and transformation equipment acceptance
    J.Q. Zuo

    Triangular grid sonic computerized tomography for structural concrete
    R.Z. Liu & J.Q. Zhang

    XenVLab: Virtual laboratory based on Xen for network security teaching and training
    T.Y. Zhou, H.S. Li, Z.Y. Hu & J.H. Zhu

    Educational evaluation of innovation and entrepreneurship in the era of big data
    Z.J. Yu & C. Wei

    Research and implementation of recommendation system of vocational education course based on neural network
    J.Z. Chen

    The study and reasoning of medical prescription based on data mining
    W.X. Ma & Y.Q. Li

    An investigation on AODV routing protocols for MANETs
    X.X. Zhong, Y.T. Tao, J. Wang, L. Mei & C.L. Gu

    Automated Fingerprint Identification System based on GPU technology
    C.S. Wu, L. Wang, C.G. Feng & X.B. Chi

    An analysis on electrophysiological instrument in psychological information feedback and its application in researches of teenagers patriotism
    L.H. Niu & D.J. Wang

    A study on the application of data mining in vocational education
    L. Wei

    A study on health data mining technology and service life prediction of distribution transformer
    L.F. Zhang, Y. Tian, M. Jiang, L.H. Hao, L. Bai & J.R. He

    Analysis of microgrid communication from the perspective of IEC61850
    F. Xia, F.B. Meng, X.B. Huang, Z.Z. Xia & Y. Wang

    A study on online condition monitoring and evaluating diagnosis of high-voltage circuit breaker
    J.Q. Liu, Y.W. Li, W.H. Li, H. Zong & Z. Li

    A research on English teaching quality in ethnic colleges and the application of BP neural network
    Y.H. Sun

    Conceptual design of nuclide identification system based on SoPC
    Y. Wu, C.H. Zeng, Q.L. Wen, Z.L. Fang & J.F. Cao

    Maximum transmission power of wireless power transfer system
    Y.X. Ma & Q. Xiong

    Key technology analysis of communication middleware for smart power grids
    F. Xia, X. Huang, Z.Z. Xia, X.B. Huang & Y. Wang

    A study on the assistant decision-making system of distribution network planning based on GIS
    Y.F. Shao, J.W. Zhao, D.C. Yuan, H. Yun & J. Wang

    Practical application of computer automatic control technology
    Z. Lv

    Vocational technology

    The selection methods of Niblack’s correction coefficient
    Y. Zhang, S. Wei & H. Hu

    A study on power supply and utilization technology for high-risk customers
    S.H. Zhang, C.M. Liu & S.L. Huang

    Sound localization system design based on the teaching application
    J.G. Xia, W.X. Li, J.S. Cao & T.G. Li

    A study on industrial carbon emission from the perspective of scale-structure-technology
    Y.Q. He

    Fitting and quantitative analysis of city skyline taking the east coast of Xiangjiang River in Changsha as an example
    H. Wu & Z. Wang

    An analysis on the impact of exchange rate volatility on China–Japan trade of agricultural products—an empirical study based on the expanded gravity model
    H. Yu, Y.B. Qi & Y.B. Yan

    Research and realization of logistics supply chain scheduling based on evolutionary algorithm
    H. Zhang

    Parameters self-adaptive PCNN binarization method
    Y. Zhang, H. Hu & S. Wei

    The analysis of aromatic compounds from Rosa chinensis ‘Pallida’, R. damascene, R. centifolia by GC/MS
    Y. Zhou, C.Y. Dai, Y. Liu, J.Q. Zeng, L.J. Deng & J.F. Huang

    Current situation and development measures for male volleyball players of Hebei province in China
    B.S. Xiao & S.H. Pu

    Analysis of mental health of college students based on daily data
    L. Zhao

    An exploration on the principle and pattern of Xi’an industrial heritage protection and utilization
    W.H. Huang & T.M. Wang

    A study on electric energy measuring of power grid dispatching based on decision model analysis
    G. Zheng

    A study on failure diagnosis technique of transformer based on acoustic features
    J.L. Zhang, L.S. Wu, Y. Hu & R.G. Gao

    An analysis on electric safety management of high-risk and important customers and the formulation of measures
    S.H. Zhang, L. Liang & W. Chen

    Design on control module of harmonic load modeling for finite capacity power system
    Z.Y. Yin, Y.G. Chen & J.C. Zhao

    The design of logistics supply chain based on genetic algorithm
    B.L. Peng

    An analysis on differences between physical education and sports training based on fuzzy evaluation
    P. Kang & Z.B. Niu

    A research on postgraduate cultivation system of physical education training based on AHP model
    S.H. Pu & B.S. Xiao

    Research and implementation of multi-parameter integrated sensor technology
    X. Gao, X.F. Qi, W.B. Shen & R.G. Gao

    Study on test of substation automation system
    B.S. Yuan, Y.Z. Liu, C.Y. Zhu, S. Hua & D. Du

    Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation on the current situation of postgraduate cultivation of physical education training
    K. Dong & Y.J. Gong

    Research of the relations between the transmittance of fundamental frequency laser and the intracavity optical parametric oscillator
    X.J. Yan, S. Zhao, W.N. Sun, L. Li, H. Zhao & M.F. Deng

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    Fun Shao, Wise Shu, Tracy Tian