1st Edition

Information and Referral in Reference Services

Edited By Marcia Stucklen Middleton, Bill Katz Copyright 1988

    This book investigates a wide variety of situations and models which fall under the umbrella of information and referral. It examines traditional views in public libraries and library systems as well as descriptions of programs in nontraditional settings, such as academic libraries. A human services perspective is explored and research models are presented.

    Contents Introduction
    • Part I: Public Libraries and I & R: Management, Staff Training, and Evaluation
    • Getting Staff Involved in Providing Community Information
    •  Evaluating I & R in Smaller Public Libraries
    • Small Public Libraries: Suggestions for Reference Service Improvement
    •  Is This Search Necessary? On-Line Data Bases, References Sources, and Referrals
    • Part II: Library System I & R Services
    • The Community Access Library Line: Benefits of a Toll-Free 800 Telephone Line
    •  JOB LINK: The Library/County Connection That Counts
    • CLIC! The Community Library Information Center: A History
    • Part III: Academic Libraries: The Role of I & R
    • Information and Referral in the Academic Library: Lessons in Attitude and Service From the Public Library
    • I & R in an Academic Library
    • Part IV: The Social Services Perspective: Networking
    • New I & R Teams in Library-Based Services: Librarians, Social Workers, and Older Volunteers
    •  Focus on the Client: Social Service Dimensions of I & R
    • Information and Referral: A Model for the Special Library
    • Part V: Research and Resources
    • Videocassettes and I & R: A Team That Works
    • Community Information in Schools: An Operational Approach and Model
    • Simulation of the Reference Process
    • Interpersonal Information Processing
    • Part VI: History and Recent Developments
    • The Growth and Development of Information and Referral in Library Services: A Selective History and Review of Some Recent Developments
    • Reference Notes Included


    Katz, Linda S