1st Edition

Innovation in the Science Curriculum

Edited By John Olson Copyright 1982
    ISBN 9780815369134
    190 Pages
    Published May 21, 2019 by Routledge

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    Of all the subjects in the school curriculum, science has been a most common target of the reformer’s zeal. As a consequence, school science has featured frequently in studies of change in evaluation exercises and has also attracted the interest of social scientists. There have been others who have studied the effects of innovation in this field not as evaluators, nor as scientists, but as students of curricular problems. Such work is represented in this book, originally published in 1982.

    It is particularly concerned with the way in which teachers use innovation and how this can assist policy making in the curriculum field. By focusing on the science curriculum the contributors examine in detail the way in which teachers cope with daily problems and with the demands that new ideas make on the systems to which they are accustomed.

    The relationship between the school and the community is also dealt with in these case studies, all of which have implications for policy and research in the curriculum field.

    Foreword.  1. Classroom Knowledge and Curriculum Change: An Introduction John Olson  2. The School, the Community and the Outsider: Case Study of Case Study Rob Walker  3. The Programme, the Plans and the Activities of the Classroom: The Demands of Activity-Based Science Edward L. Smith and Neil B. Sendelbach  4. Costs and Rewards of Innovation: Taking Account of the Teachers’ Viewpoint Sally Brown and Donald McIntyre  5. Dilemmas of Inquiry Teaching: How Teachers Cope John Olson.  Notes on Contributors.  Index.

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