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Innovations, Practice and the Future of Public Policy in India

About the Series

The field of public policy is broad, interdisciplinary, and multifaceted. It requires constant communication between stakeholders - including academics, practitioners, and the general public - to address important public policy design and concerns around implementation.

This series brings together contributions and diverse perspectives of academics and practitioners in the field of public policy in India and records innovative ideas and best practices to facilitate knowledge transfer, replication, or scaling. Public policy must be proactive and focused on the future and work on developing ideas that may be scaled up, customised or applied across jurisdictions. The books in this series focus primarily on the voices of academics and practitioners and offer crucial insights for corrective action and creation of more comprehensive policy designs. By critically analysing cases and policy designs, it offers insights into the feasibility of innovative models where theory meets practice in the pursuit of the public good.


Editorial Board: AK Shiva Kumar, Independent Consultant and Visiting Professor, Indian School of Business, India; Rajeev Malhotra, O.P. Jindal Global University, India; Gyanendra Badgaiyan, IDFC Institute, Mumbai, India; Purnamita Dasgupta, Institute for Economic Growth, India; Sanjay Baru, Political Commentator and Policy analyst; Deepa Mani, Indian School of Business, India; Rohini Chaturvedi, Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA); and Sudha Narayanan, Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, India

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Lakhpati Kisan Transforming Agriculture-Based Livelihoods for Smallholder Farmers in India

Lakhpati Kisan: Transforming Agriculture-Based Livelihoods for Smallholder Farmers in India

1st Edition


Edited By Anjal Prakash, Ashwini Chhatre, Ganesh Neelam, Sujit G Kumar, Apurva Duddu
November 06, 2024

Agriculture plays an essential role in the growth of developing economies as agricultural production is key to food security and is closely intertwined with the livelihoods of many. This book explores the lives of smallholder agricultural farmers in India and the dire challenges that agricultural ...

Technology, Policy, and Inclusion An Intersection of Ideas for Public Policy

Technology, Policy, and Inclusion: An Intersection of Ideas for Public Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Anjal Prakash, Aarushi Jain, Puran Singh, Avik Sarkar
October 24, 2023

Technology, Policy, and Inclusion looks at the intersections between public policy and technology in India. It explores the barriers in instituting effective governance and development and examines how these can be mitigated through technological interventions in developing countries. Increased ...

The Last Mile Turning Public Policy Upside Down

The Last Mile: Turning Public Policy Upside Down

1st Edition

By Amarjeet Sinha
October 05, 2023

The Last Mile explores the gaps and dichotomy between drafted policies and their implementation, and the last mile challenges which often make public services inaccessible to the poorest and most vulnerable sections of society. It provides an in-depth overview of the dynamics between communities, ...

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