1st Edition

Inside Teaching How to Make a Difference for Every Learner and Teacher

By John Blanchard Copyright 2017
    ISBN 9781138712294
    184 Pages
    Published May 16, 2017 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138712287
    184 Pages
    Published May 17, 2017 by Routledge

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    This book distils key research and evidence about what effective teaching means in practice. Covering all aspects of teaching, it encourages the reader to reflect on their pupils, their planning, teaching and assessing and their continual professional development.

    Inside Teaching has an emphasis throughout on encouraging dialogue with pupils about what they're doing, why they’re doing it, and how they can evaluate and develop what they do. Including questions for reflection and summaries of key ideas, the book provides practical support to help teachers ensure that they make a real difference to their pupils’ chances of success. Chapters include:

    • Pupils with different backgrounds and levels of support
    • Working with your pupils’ parents and carers
    • Planning to frame your pupils’ thinking
    • Developing effective feedback for your pupils
    • Making meetings useful
    • Observing lessons and being observed.

    This practical book will be an essential resource for both trainee and practising teachers who want to help their pupils to fulfil their physical, emotional and intellectual potential.

    Introduction  List of Abbreviations  Part 1: Your pupils  1. Pupils with different backgrounds and levels of support  2. Your pupils’ motivations to learn and do well  3. Thinking about what your pupils can achieve  4. Helping your slow-learning and under-achieving pupils do well  5. Working with your pupils’ parents and carers  6. How your pupils can help decide what they learn and how they learn  Part 2: Planning, teaching and assessing  7. A teacher’s repertoire  8. Helping your pupils act and think, think and act  9. Planning to frame your pupils’ thinking  10. Home learning  11. When to use levels or grades  12. Developing effective feedback for your pupils  13. Charting your pupils’ progress and showing their achievements  14. Moderating assessments  Part 3: Job satisfaction and continuing to learn about teaching  15. Making meetings useful  16. Job enrichment  17. Continuing to learn about teaching  18. Observing lessons and being observed  19. Appraisal  20. Using checklists  Useful Websites  Index


    John Blanchard is a former independent consultant for schools, local authorities and higher education institutions. He was a secondary school teacher and has taught on initial teacher training, bachelor’s and master’s programmes in education.

    "Inside Teaching affirms what we know, reminds us perhaps of what we have forgotten, introduces new thinking, and challenges what we are doing. Throughout, Blanchard provides us with examples, useful tips and templates, which makes this an essential ‘go to’ guide for every teacher, school and teacher trainer. The key messages resonate and support those principles and outcomes for every young person that we hold as fundamental." - Julie Gompertz, aPE Member & Educational Consultant

    "This book offers an insight into the world of teaching for all teachers regardless of their years of experience, and illustrates a range of strategies for making a difference […] It encourages staff to reflect on their practice for their pupils and identifies ways in which their practice can be improved." - Malini Mistry, Education 3-13 Journal

    "Although intended for primary and secondary school teachers, educationalists of all kinds will find Inside Teaching a valuable repository of idea (I took copious notes for improving my own tutorials). It offers a lucid restatement of the case for a collaborative classroom, in which pupils are encouraged to engage creatively in the learning process, rather than passively and humbly absorbing the wisdom of their elders. After seven years of relentless denigration from policy-makers, it is enormously reassuring to find this older, kinder philosophy of education still alive and kicking." - Peter Thonemann, Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History, University of Oxford

    "I recommend it to those a couple of years into teaching who are looking to broaden their horizons beyond the day-to-day." - David Paterson

    "Inside Teaching uses pertinent research to demonstrate what effective teaching is in practice. It emphasises the physical and emotional potential of pupils as well as their academic potential, and encourages the reader to truly reflect on their pupils. I would recommend it as a useful resource for new teachers." - Kate Cree, science teacher in the North West of England

    "The book’s writing style is refreshingly clear at all times and yet manages to deal with the complexities of classroom practice, learning theory and educational management in an enlightened and informative manner...  In bringing together practise and theory, Blanchard speaks across age and ability ranges. It might be quite a claim but, based on my experiences, Inside Teaching is also a book that bridges all systems of education because it teases out the most significant tenets that make up effective teaching and learning." - Steve Parker, English Journal

    "This book is an absolute 'must have' for anyone entering the teaching profession or returning to teaching. Whilst not written specifically for geography teachers it is none the less a very useful read and it seems to transcend the phases with examples drawn from both primary and secondary schools and pupils." - Sue Carstairs, Teaching Geography

    "John Blanchard’s new book Inside Teaching: how to make a difference for every learner and teachercan be relied upon to do just that. It has the potential to make such a difference, given the scope of education professionals who can learn from it – and the likely impact of these new insights when applied to the classrooms of those who take the time to read it... What I liked about Blanchard’s book is the clarity with which he communicates his experience and acknowledges the inclusion of practitioners’ ideas alongside research to explore intuitions and experiences that make for satisfying and effective teaching and learning."— Sue Kelly, Professional Development Today

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