1st Edition

Inside Words Tools for Teaching Academic Vocabulary, Grades 4-12

By Janet Allen Copyright 2007

    Vocabulary instruction is critical in any classroom, yet how do teachers go beyond weekly word lists and empower their students to make meaning from these words? In Inside Words: Tools for Teaching Academic Vocabulary, Grades 4-12 , author Janet Allen merges research and content-area teaching strategies to help teachers show students how to understand the academic vocabulary found in textbooks and build comprehension of these texts.Each of Allen’s vocabulary tools are designed to help students learn and use academic vocabulary:

      Building background knowledge Teaching words critical to comprehension Providing support during reading and writing Developing a conceptual framework for themes, topics, and units of study Assessing students’ understandings of words and concepts
    Inside Words provides a much-needed middle and secondary school resource for teaching vocabulary, not only in the language arts, but in all of the content areas.

    Introduction; Concept Circles; Concept Ladder; Concepts and Vocabulary: Categories and Labels; Contextual Redefinition; Dictoglos; Focused Cloze; Frayer Model; Frequent Contact; “I'm Thinking of a Word . . .”; I Spy: A Word Scavenger Hunt; Lead; List-Group-Label; Possible Questions; Possible Sentences; Previewing Content Vocabulary; Semantic Feature Analysis; Semantic Mapping; Survival of the Fittest; Think-Pair-Share: Collaborate for Understanding; Vocab-O-Gram; Word Sort; Word Walls


    Janet Allen is one of the most prominent and outspoken literacy advocates in the country. A former elementary school teacher and university instructor, hundreds of teachers attend her seminars each year. Her books Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12 and Yellow Brick Roads: Shared and Guided Paths to Independent Reading have been praised by elementary and secondary school teachers, education professors, adult literacy advocates, and ESL instructors. Dr. Allen lives in Orlando, Florida.