4th Edition

Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Volume 3 Process Software and Digital Networks, Fourth Edition

Edited By Bela G. Liptak, Halit Eren Copyright 2012
    1139 Pages 815 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Instrument Engineers' Handbook – Volume 3: Process Software and Digital Networks, Fourth Edition is the latest addition to an enduring collection that industrial automation (AT) professionals often refer to as the "bible." First published in 1970, the entire handbook is approximately 5,000 pages, designed as standalone volumes that cover the measurement (Volume 1), control (Volume 2), and software (Volume 3) aspects of automation.

    This fourth edition of the third volume provides an in-depth, state-of-the-art review of control software packages used in plant optimization, control, maintenance, and safety. Each updated volume of this renowned reference requires about ten years to prepare, so revised installments have been issued every decade, taking into account the numerous developments that occur from one publication to the next.

    Assessing the rapid evolution of automation and optimization in control systems used in all types of industrial plants, this book details the wired/wireless communications and software used. This includes the ever-increasing number of applications for intelligent instruments, enhanced networks, Internet use, virtual private networks, and integration of control systems with the main networks used by management, all of which operate in a linked global environment.

    Topics covered include:

    • Advances in new displays, which help operators to more quickly assess and respond to plant conditions
    • Software and networks that help monitor, control, and optimize industrial processes, to determine the efficiency, energy consumption, and profitability of operations
    • Strategies to counteract changes in market conditions and energy and raw material costs
    • Techniques to fortify the safety of plant operations and the security of digital communications systems

    This volume explores why the holistic approach to integrating process and enterprise networks is convenient and efficient, despite associated problems involving cyber and local network security, energy conservation, and other issues. It shows how firewalls must separate the business (IT) and the operation (automation technology, or AT) domains to guarantee the safe function of all industrial plants. This book illustrates how these concerns must be addressed using effective technical solutions and proper management policies and practices. Reinforcing the fact that all industrial control systems are, in general, critically interdependent, this handbook provides a wide range of software application examples from industries including: automotive, mining, renewable energy, steel, dairy, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, oil, gas, electric power, utility, and nuclear power.







    Process Control and Automation

    Distributed Control Systems and Process Plants; Mark Nixon

    Networks in Process Automation: Hardware Structures and Integration of Process Variables into Networks; Peter G. Berrie and Klaus-Peter Lindner

    Instrumentation in Processes and Automation; Donald Chmielewski and Miguel J. Bagajewicz

    Programmable Logic Controllers; Sujata S. Agashe and Sudhir D. Agashe

    SCADA—Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System and an Example; Hiten A. Dalal

    Intelligent Instruments and Sensors: Architecture, Software, Networks, Protocols, and Standards; Deniz Gurkan and Halit Eren

    Calibrations in Process Control; Halit Eren

    Standards in Process Control and Automation; Halit Eren

    Automation and Robotics in Processes; Arif Sirinterlikci, Arzu Karaman, and Oksan Imamoglu

    Process-Control Methods

    Batch-Process Automation; Asish Ghosh

    Plant-Wide Controller Performance Monitoring; Chris McNabb

    Plant Optimization; Michael Ruel

    Neural Networks in Process and Automation; R. Russell Rhinehart

    Fuzzy Logic Control in Processes and Automation; R. Russell Rhinehart

    Internet in Automation and Process Control Systems; Babu Joseph and Deepak Srinivasagupta

    Telemetry Systems: Phone, Radio, Cellular, and Satellite; Curt W. Wendt

    Digital Techniques and Data Handling

    Digital Technology Fundamentals, Microcontrollers, Microcomputers, and FPGAs in Processes; Cesar Ortega-Sanchez

    Signal Processing in Process Control and Automation; Emre Deniz Eren and Halit Eren

    Data Acquisition Fundamentals; David Potter and Halit Eren

    Analog and Digital Signal Transmission in Processes: Protocols and Standards; Ian H. Gibson

    Data Acquisition: Buses, Networks, Software, and Data Handling; David Potter

    Data Reconciliation and Software Methods for Bias Detection; Miguel J. Bagajewicz and SR Derrick K. Rollins

    Software, Programming, and Simulations

    Software Fundamentals; Halit Eren

    Virtual Plants: Process Simulation and Emulation; Hironori Hibino

    Virtual Reality Tools for Testing Control Room Concepts; Asgeir Droivoldsmo and Michael Louka

    Model-Free Adaptive Control Software; George S. Cheng and Steven L. Mulkey

    Operation Optimization with Sequential Empirical Optimization and Software Implementation; Carlos W. Moreno

    Data Historian; Irena Yee and Halit Eren

    Networks, Security, and Protection

    Computer Networks: LANs, MANs, WANs, and Wireless; Hura Gurdeep

    Internet Fundamentals and Cyber Security Management; Hura Gurdeep

    Network Security, Threats, Authentication, Authorization, and Securing Devices; Wenbin Luo

    VPN, CCN, and IT Support; Burhan Basaran and Cengiz Burnaz

    Fiber-Optic Network Components; Jin Wei Tioh, Mani Mina, Robert J. Weber, and Arun K. Somani

    Fiber-Optic Communications and Networks; Martin Maier

    Network Access Protection; Dinesh C. Verma

    Comments on Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems and Automation; Jacob Brodsky and Joseph Weiss

    Fieldbus Networks

    Fieldbuses; Lucia Seno and Stefano Vitturi

    HART Networks; David S. Nyce

    Foundation Fieldbus: Features and Software Support; Salvatore Cavalieri

    PROFIBUS Networks; Peter G. Berrie and Jochen Müller

    Industrial Ethernet and TCP/IP-Based Systems; Gianluca Cena, Stefano Scanzio, Stefano Vitturi, and Claudio Zunino

    Niche Fieldbus Networks; Lucia Seno and Stefano Vitturi

    Process Management, Maintenance, Safety, and Reliability

    Network Security Awareness, Management, and Risk Analysis; Helen Armstrong

    Manufacturing Execution Systems; Zameer Patel

    Auditing and Upgrading Plants, Control Rooms, and Networks; Bridget A. Fitzpatrick

    Hazardous Areas: Classifications, Equipment, Purging, and Management; David S. Nyce

    Safety in Processes: Rules, Standards, Certification, Culture, and Management; Asish Ghosh

    Reliability, Redundancy, and Voting Systems; William Goble

    Computerized Maintenance and Maintenance Management; Pete Peter W. Ralph

    Process Control and Automation Applications

    Manufacturing, Plant, and Production Management: Applied in Automobile Industry; Paulina Golinska and Marek Fertsch

    Control Systems and Automation in Steel Thixoforming Production; Ahmed Rassili and Dirk Fischer

    Processes and Automation in Dairy Industry; Sudhir D. Agashe and Sujata S. Agashe

    Software for Pharmaceutical Automation; George C. Buckbee

    Process Automation in the Automotive Industry; Vivek Hajarnavis

    Mine-Wide SCADA System; Erik Bartsch

    Application of Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic in Mineral Processing: Hydrocyclones; Kok Wai Wong and Halit Eren

    Computer Control in Mining and Extractive Metallurgy; Greg Baiden and Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela

    Telemetry Control and Management of Water Treatment Plants; Curt W. Wendt

    Design and Implementation of a Safe and Reliable Instrumentation and Control System in Oil and Gas Industry; Harvindar S. Gambhir

    Power Network Security; Nian Liu

    Nuclear Plant Instrumentation and Control System Performance Monitoring; Hashem M. Hashemian

    Alternative Energy I: Control Software Needs of Renewable Energy Processes; Béla Lipták

    Alternative Energy II—SCADA System for Thermal Power Plant; Mihai Iacob, Gheorghe-Daniel Andreescu, and Nicolae Muntean

    Alternative Energy III—Wind Energy; Gordon Smith


    International System of Units

    Engineering Conversion Factors

    Chemical Resistance of Materials

    Composition of Metallic and Other Materials

    Steam and Water Tables

    Friction Loss in Pipes

    Tank Volumes

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    Bela G. Liptak, Halit Eren