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    Integrated Fish Farming (IFF) is a sustainable-agriculture technology practiced widely in Asia and other regions of the world. This integrated technology can offer farmers economic improvements while lessening the adverse environmental impacts of farming. IFF systems typically involve a combination of fish polyculture, integration of agricultural production (livestock and/or crops) with aquaculture, and on-farm waste recycling.
    Drawing on research presented by experts from around the world at the International Workshop on Integrated Fish Farming, this book provides thorough, detailed and truly interdisciplinary coverage of one of the world's most important approaches to integrated farming systems. Integrated Fish Farming places IFF in a global context, reporting on case studies of successful IFF operations, experiments to enhance IFF performance, bioeconomic survey and modeling analyses, research on farm waste use and pond ecology, socioeconomic elements of IFF extension and adoption, and the bio-technical and economic aspects of adapting IFF to reservoirs, marshlands, rice paddies and marginal habitats.

    The Role, Impact and Status of Integrated Fish Farming
    Integrated Fish Farming in the Context of Global Aquaculture
    Aquaculture, Integrated Resources Management and the Environment
    Current Status and Prospects of Integrated Fish Farming in China
    Experiments to Improve the Benefits of Integrated Farming Systems
    Economics of Integrated Poultry-Fish Farming in Pekanbaru City, Riau Province, Indonesia
    Integrated Poultry-Fish Farming - A Way To Increase Productivity and Benefits
    Fish Farming Integrated with Livestock and Poultry in China
    Energy Conversion Efficiency in Three Ecological Types of Pond in Pearl River Delta in China
    Bioeconomics of Integrated Fish Farming Production Systems
    Economic Analysis of a Theoretical Integrated Livestock-Shrimp Farming System
    Chinese Integrated Fish Farming: A Survey-Based Input-Output Analysis
    Economics of Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture (IAA) in Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh
    The Ecological Basis for Waste Utilization
    Bacterial Productivity in Intensely Cultured High-Yield Fish Pond Using [3h]Tdr Tracing Analysis Techniques
    The Nature and Function of Detritus in Fish Pond Ecosystem
    Effective Manure Production of Fishpond Raised Ducks
    Fish Pond Manuring Studies in Hungary
    Ecology of Integrated Fish Farm Ponds
    Dynamics of Phosphorus in the Sediment of a Productive Fish Pond
    Assessment of Pond Primary Productivity and its Relation With Fish Production
    Effects of Do On the Feeding Intensity of Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys Molitrix) and Big-Head Carp (Aristichthys Nobilis)
    Studies On the Modeling of Night-Time Oxygen Consumption of Sediments in Manure-Loaded Fish Ponds
    Extension and Adoption of Integrated Fish Farming
    Social and Policy Issues Involved in Adoption of Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture-Livestock Production Systems in Bangladesh
    The Integration of an Aquaculture-Poultry Production System in Cameroon
    Integrated Farming: A New Approach in Basse Casamance, Senegal
    Community Organization for the Integration of Aquaculture Technologies in Farming Systems: A Case Study of Lucban, Quezon, (Philippines)
    The Role and Status of Chinese Women in Integrated Fish Farming
    Present Status and Scope of Integrated Fish Farming in the North-West Plains of India
    Adapting Integrated Fish Farming to Non-Traditional Environments (Open-Water, Marshlands, Paddy and Marginal Habitats)
    Adapting Integrated Fish Farming Principles To Improve Fish Yields in Meicuan Reservoir, China
    Aspects of Semi-Intensive Fish Culture Practices in Reservoirs in Relation to the Use of Supplementary Feeds in China
    Integrated Fish Farming Techniques Applied to the Guangyinsi Cove in Taipinghu Reservoir
    Development of Agro-Piscicultural Ecosystems in Tropical Marshland
    Integrating Fish Farming with Agriculture and Livestock to Improve Low-Lying, Saline-Alkali Land
    Integrated Use of Azolla in Irrigated Rice Fields
    Carp Culture in Rice Fields in Hungary
    Sustainable Aquaculture in Small Waterbodies: Experiences From Bangladesh


    Mathias, Jack A.; Charles, Anthony T.; Baotong, Hu