Intelligent Systems : Technology and Applications, Six Volume Set book cover
1st Edition

Intelligent Systems
Technology and Applications, Six Volume Set

ISBN 9780849311215
Published August 29, 2002 by CRC Press
2400 Pages 955 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Intelligent systems, or artificial intelligence technologies, are playing an increasing role in areas ranging from medicine to the major manufacturing industries to financial markets. The consequences of flawed artificial intelligence systems are equally wide ranging and can be seen, for example, in the programmed trading-driven stock market crash of October 19, 1987.

Intelligent Systems: Technology and Applications, Six Volume Set connects theory with proven practical applications to provide broad, multidisciplinary coverage in a single resource. In these volumes, international experts present case-study examples of successful practical techniques and solutions for diverse applications ranging from robotic systems to speech and signal processing, database management, and manufacturing.

Table of Contents


The Quest for the Intelligent Machine, J. Durkin

Soft Computing Framework for Intelligent Human-Machine System Design, Simulation and Optimization, X.F. Zha and S.Y.E. Lim

Visualization and Modeling for Intelligent Systems, A.W. Crapo, L.B. Waisel, W.A. Wallace, and T.R. Willemain

Online Adaptation of Intelligent Decision Making Systems, H. Ishibuchi, R. Sakamoto, and T. Nakashima

Knowledge Intensive Collaborative Design Modeling and Decision Support Using Distributed Web-Based AI Tools, X.F. Zha and H.Du

A Multi-Agent Framework for Collaborative Reasoning, C. Miao, A. Goh, and Yuan Miao

Architecting Multi-Agent Systems: A Middleware Perspective, Z. Yang, R. Gay, and C.Y. Miao

Assisted Surgery Planning, C. Chee-Kai and C. Chi-Mun

Intelligent Software Systems for CNC Machining, G.-C. Vosniakos

Product Forecasting, J. Jiang, G. Klein, and R.A. Pick

Software Sensor Systems for Chemical and Biotechnological Processes, S. Vassileva, and X.Z. Wang

From Simple Graphs to Powerful Knowledge Representation: The Conceptual Graph Formalism, G.W. Mineau


Engineering Applications of Neural Network Techniques, M. Zhou

Recurrent Neural Fuzzy Network Techniques and Applications, C.-F. Juang

Signal Processing, Y. Tan

Neural Network and Fuzzy Control Techniques for Robotic Systems, K. Kiguchi, K. Watanabe, and T. Fukuda

Processing of Linguistic Symbols in Multi-Level Neural Networks, A. Kandel and J.J. Park

Fuzzy Batching of Bulk Material, Z. Nikolaj, M. Miha, V. Jernej, and F. Jelena

Designing and Refining Linguistic Fuzzy Models to Improve Their Accuracy, R. Alcalá, J. Casillas, O. Cordón, and Francisco Herrera

GA-FRB: A Novel GA-Optimised Fuzzy Rule System, W.J. Chen and C. Quek

Fuzzy Cellular Automata and Fuzzy Sequential Circuits, M. Miha, Z. Nikolaj, V. Jernej, and F. Jelena

PACL-FNNS: A Novel Class of Falcon-Like Fuzzy Neural Networks Based on Positive and Negative Exemplars, W.L. Tung and C. Quek

Maximum Margin Fuzzy Classifiers with Ellipsoidal Regions, S. Abe

Neural Networks in Telecommunications Systems, S. Wu


Speech Processing, D.R. Campbell, C. Fyfe, and M. Girolami

Fuzzy theory in Nonlinear Signal Processing, K.E. Barner

Intelligent System Modeling of Bioacoustic Signals Using Advanced Signal Processing Techniques, L.J. Hadjileontiadis, Y.A. Tolias, and S.M. Panas

Automatic Recognition of Multichannel EEG Signals Using a Committee of Artificial Neural Networks, B.O. Peters, G. Pfurtscheller, and H. Flyvbjerg

Morphological Color Image Processing: Theory and Applications, I. Andreadis, M.I. Vardavoulia, G. Louverdis, and P. Tsalides

The Future of Artificial Neural Networks and Speech Recognition, Q. Liang and J.G. Harris

Advanced Neural-Based Systems for 3D Scene Understanding, G.L. Foresti

Shape Representation and Automatic Model Inference in Character Recognition Systems, H. Nishida

Novel Noise Modelling Using AI Techniques, A. Wahab and Q.H. Chai


Model Selection in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, H.T. Bao and N.T. Dung

Mining Chaotic Patterns in Relational Databases and Rule Extraction by Neural Networks, C. Deng

Topological Relations in Spatial Databases, E. Clementini

Intelligent Image Retrieval for Supporting Concept-based Queries: A Knowledge-Based Approach, J.D. Yang

Integrating Deductive Database Management Systems and Intelligent Agents for Electronic Commerce Applications, C.-H. Wu, S.-H. Doong, and C.-C. Lai

A Method for Fuzzy Query Processing in Relational Database Systems, S.-M. Chen and Y.-S. Lin

A Method for Generating Fuzzy Rules from Relational Database Systems for Estimating Null Values, S.-M. Chen and M.-S. Yeh

Adaptation of Cluster Sizes in Objective Function Based Fuzzy Clustering, A. Keller and F. Klawonn

Learning Rules about the Development of Variables over Time, F. Höppner and F. Klawonn

Integrating Adaptive and Intelligent Techniques into a Web-based Environment for Active Learning, H. Shi, O. Rodriguez-Jimenez, Y. Shang, and S.-S. Chen

The System Perspective of an Intelligent Tutoring System Based on the Inquiry Teaching Approach, L.H. Wong and C. Quek

An Intelligent Educational Metadata Repository, N. Bassiliades, F. Kokkoras, I. Vlahavas, and D. Sampson



Integrated Intelligent Systems in the Design of Products and Processes, X.F. Zha and H. Du

Secure Identification and Communication in Distributed Manufacturing Systems, I. Mezgár and Z. Kincses

Concurrent Engineering (CE) Product Design, S. Myint and M.T. Tabucanon

Multi-product Batch Processing Systems, S. Chung, J.H. Jung and I.-B. Lee

Forecasting Applications, C.W. Chan and H.H. Nguyen

An Agent Approach for Intelligent Business Forecasting, Z. Shen, R. Gay, X. Li, and Zhonghua Yang

Chemical and Process Systems, B. Lennox and G. Montague

Non-linear Chemical Processes, B. Postlethwaite

Reinforcement Learning Applications to Process Control and Optimization, E.C. Martinez and O.A. Somaglia

Analyzing the Make-or-Buy Decision in the Automobile Industry Using the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchical Process, A. de Korvin, R. Kleyle, and M. E. Bayou

The Digital Factory Becomes Reality, E. Westkämper, J. Pirron, R. Weller, and Jörg Niemann

Automated Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards, H.S. Cho

Chemical Process Control Systems, M.A. Hussain, C.W. Ng, N. Aziz, and I.M. Mujtaba


Power System Stabilizers Based on Adaptive Control and Artificial Intelligence Techniques, O.P. Malik

Machine Learning Applied to Power System Dynamic Security Assessment, N.D. Hatziargyriou and E.S. Karapidakis

Power Systems Control Centers, Z.A. Vale

Intelligent Fault Diagnosis in Power Systems, M. Sforna, C.-C. Liu, S.-K. Joo, and D. Sobajic

Short Term and On-Line Electric Load Forecasting, M. Sforna

Intelligent Multiagent Control for Power Plants, R. Garduno-Ramirez and K.Y. Lee

Applying Architectural Patterns to the Design of Supervisory Control Systems, P.-W. Ng, H.-C. Quek, and M. Pasquier

Feature Based Integrated Design of Fuzzy Control Systems, G. Chen and H.-X. Li

Intelligent Controllers for Flexible Pole Cart Balancing Problem, E.P. Dadios

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Cornelius T. Leondes


"…a significant contribution to the artificial intelligence (AI) field. Edited by Professor Cornelius Leondes, a leading contributor to intelligent systems, this set of six well-integrated volumes on the subject of intelligent systems techniques and applications provides a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners. This landmark work features contributions from more than 60 of the world's foremost AI authorities in industry, government, and academia. Perhaps the most valuable feature of this work is the breadth of materials covered…should be in the possession of all individuals involved in the field of intelligent systems."
- From the Foreword by Jack Durkin